TEWKSBURY —Tewks­bury residents came to­gether on Saturday as part of the Beautification Com­mittee’s fall town clean up. The event, which has run since 2014, is also supported by the Open Space and Recreation Com­mittee, the Shawsheen River Water­shed Associa­tion and the Town of Tewks­bury.

Approximately 100 adults and children participated. Residents signed up to pick up trash in school yards, along roadways, along the Shawsheen Ri­ver and the town’s many open spaces.

One family collected 10 bags of trash along Liv­ing­ston Street. Tom Bran­chaud and his sons work­ed with Laurie Hartwick of the SWRA to clean debris from in and along the banks of the Shaw­sheen River.

Elaine Schofield and Amy Glendenning of Andover worked on Maple Street. The pair has participated in each clean up and considers it their “thanks” for using the Tewksbury Pub­lic Library.

Other residents also have areas they clean consistently such as Foster Park or Rogers Park. Members of Boy Scout troop 47 did a big clean up at Chandler Well Fields and pulled out many tires.

Sr. Maria Graca Dudley and Friends of Tewksbury Open Space’s Bruce Shick led the TMHS Interna­tional club along Old Bos­ton Road and hauled out at least 40 bags of trash. Beautification member Karen Cintolo led the rain garden clean up — special planting areas which filter runoff into Long Pond. The committee is always looking for volunteers to weed them throughout the year.

Due to COVID-19, the trash collection was handled a bit differently in so far as residents had to bring the debris they collected to the DPW, wear masks, and be sure to so­cially distance during the clean up.

In total, 205 bags of trash were counted. Central Mas­sachusetts Mosquito Con­trol was on hand to collect any tires that were pulled from the roadways and open spaces. A total of 104 tires were packed onto two trucks, a measurable number with huge benefit for the environment as tires harbor mosquito larvae.

The next town clean up will be in the spring. To be added to the contact list, email clean.up.tewksbury@gmail.com.

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