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TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury Planning board met briefly Monday night to review a new development plan and approve permit modifications.

Board Chair Steve John­son mentioned that he participated in the Tewks­bury Public Library’s “Speed Repping” event; Johnson and other local and state elected officials were available to answer questions from residents in rotations of five-minute increments. The program will run again in 2020, according to Community Services librarian Robert Hayes.

The board addressed a bond release request at 1390 Main St. Member Vinny Fratalia conducted a site review and noted that the owner has not complied with the town’s request for dumpsters to be enclosed per the town bylaw. The board declined to release the bond.

The board endorsed an ANR (approval-not-re­quired) permit for the re­gional emergency communications center located next to the DPW on Whip­ple Road. Town Engineer Kevin Hardiman appear­ed in front of the board.

Developer Scott Kelly came before the board to request a site plan special permit for a 224,900 square foot warehouse space east of Route 93 on a 53 acre parcel which spreads across Tewksbury, Ando­ver, and Wilmington on Burtt Road.

Only about five acres in Tewksbury are being de­veloped of the 22 that lie within the town. The de­veloper noted that a new tax base will be created from the 105,000 square feet of warehouse space that will be in Tewksbury, and emergency services will be provided by Ando­ver; there will be no way to get to the site from Tewksbury roads.

The board continued the issue to their Nov. 18 meeting pending more information from the town engineer. The Town Crier has also learned that there is a pending access ramp in the design phase to this site on northbound side of Route 93.

According to Mass DOT, “The project consists of a new interchange on I-93 between Interchanges 41 and 42. The new interchange will relieve traffic on I-93 and provide a connection to Ballardvale Street at Research Drive on the east side of I-93. Burtt Road will be extended to connect to the interchange ramps just west of Ballardvale Street. I-93 will be widened from three lanes to four between In­terchanges 41 and 42 to en­sure the benefits of the new interchange.”

Representatives from Wa­mesit Lanes came be­fore the board seeking a modification of a site plan special permit to change their hours of operation. The entertainment company is seeking to change their hours to 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Sun­day; the selectboard re­cently approved a change in Wa­mesit’s entertainment li­cense contingent upon the Planning Board’s approval.

The board approved the modifications.

The board moved a discussion on a site plan special permit at 1037 North St./1547 Andover St./1553 Andover St./1563 Andover St. to the Nov. 18 meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18, 2019.

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