TEWSKBURY — On Thurs­day, Sept. 23 the Tewks­bury Rotary Club honored TMHS members of the Class of 2022, Kassidy Mac­donald and Lukas Lemos, for receiving the September 2021 Hats Off Award.

The Hats Off Award is a joint initiative of the Tewks­bury Rotary Club and the Tewksbury Memorial High School to recognize those students who have distinguished themselves both academically and civically in the community.

Kassidy Macdonald, daugh­ter of Kathy and Bob Mac­donald, was nominated by TMHS faculty member Don­na Boudreau for the respect and integrity she demonstrates in the classroom every day.

This is demonstrated dai­ly when Macdonald exercises her skills of engagement by incorporating her positive message of re­spect into her presentation of the TMHS morning an­nouncements.

Academically, Macdonald challenges herself by taking three AP (Advanced Placement) courses, receiv­ing the highest possible score (5) on the AP psychology exam.

All of her hard work and dedication in the classroom has paid off, earning her membership to the Na­tion­al Honor Society, a regular spot on the Honor Roll, as well as a spot in the top 10 percent of her class.

Outside of the classroom, Macdonald is an active member of the TMHS student body community by holding membership in the DECA club, the Interna­tion­al Club, and the Best Bud­dies program. She also plans on participating on the 2021/22 yearbook committee.

Athletic accomplishments are also in her wheelhouse, as Macdonald is a four-year member of the TMHS girls varsity soccer team and a three-year member of the TMHS girls varsity basketball team.

Helping the community has been an important priority for Macdonald. She has made good use of her athletic ability by volunteering her time at the Tewks­bury High School Soccer Camp, and has coached for Tewksbury Youth Soccer and Tewksbury Youth Bas­ket­ball Clinics.

Macdonald also has participated in fundraisers for both varsity soccer and bas­ketball, cancer fundraiser walks, and a caroling event at Tewksbury’s Blaire House.

Between school activities and community service, Macdonald somehow manages to find the time to hold a job as an associate at TJ Maxx store.

To deal with the stress of holding such a busy schedule, Macdonald enjoys spen­ding her free time doing strength training.

Lukas Lemos, son of Ka­tia and Norberto Felix, was nominated by TMHS faculty member Donna Boud­reau for truly rising to the challenges he faces as a student at TMHS. Hard work and dedication are the reasons for his academic success, as he often works beyond expectations set for the class.

As a student from an im­migrant family, Lemos has had to overcome many ob­stacles to achieve academic success, including starting kindergarten as part of the Special Education program.

Lemos' successful academic career includes taking multiple Honor, Dual En­rollment and AP classes. (Dual Enrollment allows qualified high school students to enrol in college courses while still in high school.)

All of this hard work has paid off for Lemos, earning him the highest possible score (5) on the psychology AP exam, as well as an impressive 4.28 GPA.

Lemos is also an active member of the National Honor Society.

Athletics are also a priority for Lemos, as he practices the disciplined art of Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Staying active in his community is important to Le­mos as he volunteers monthly at his church, LAG. He also volunteers to handle the digital media within the LAG.

Despite having a busy schedule, Lemos has also enjoyed success at his part time job. While working at Wamesit Lanes, he received a promotion within his first two months of employment.

Diligence and resolve are no stranger to these two accomplished Hats Off Award recipients, and it is apparent that both will enjoy much deserved success in their future endeavors.

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