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TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury Board of Sel­ectmen met on Aug. 13, 2019. At the beginning of the meeting, chairman Jay Kelly asked for a moment of si­lence to remember Ron Hall. Hall passed away recently and had served on several boards and committees in town over the years, and was a fixture at many meetings and events.

Once the meeting commenced, Tyler and Eric Mur­ray came before the board to request a one-day malt and wine liquor license and a one-day all alcohol liquor license, as well as an entertainment license for an Au­tism Awareness Summerfest on Sept. 7 to be held behind the Tewksbury Country Club.

The Murrays held the first summerfest last year at a pri­vate residence in collaboration with local developer Mark Ginsburg and actor and former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg. The event supports several au­tism charities, including Gen­eration Rescue, of which Wahl­berg’s wife, model Jen­ny McCarthy, is president.

The organization is partnering with the Boston Bru­ins Foundation, and Murray hoped that “[selectman] Bri­an Dick will get up and sing a couple tunes.”

Murray noted that the event raised $63,000 last year, “and this year we want to at least double that,” he said.

Board member Mark Krat­man inquired about legal distribution of alcohol; Mur­ray stated that an outside firm has been contracted to provide alcohol and will be carding guests. Dick raised concerns over some missing documents, including insurance documentation and TIPS certification; Town Manager Richard Montuori suggested that the board make their decision subject to all documents being provided. The board approved the requests.

The board next reviewed a class II transfer application from Alpha Motors LLC to the Revere-based Sena Mo­tors at 2195 Main St. Kelly noted that the previous owner had several violations and read them out to Sena Motors manager Claudio Sena. Sena stated that business is family-owned and the building is undergoing renovations. The board approved the transfer.

DPW Director Brian Gil­bert and Town Engineer Ke­vin Hardiman then gave a presentation about stormwater to the board. Gilbert outlined federal requirements the town must abide by for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit (MS4), which allows the town to discharge the storm drain system into US waters.

Gilbert, Hardiman, and Fred Civian, a representative from the Massachusetts Department of Environ­mental Protection, explain­ed how the town has been adapting to updates in the permit, which has over 200 specific requirements, without increased funds.

Civian also mentioned the “Think Blue Massachusetts” program, a statewide campaign to distribute MS4 re­sources and encourage best management practices. Har­diman spoke about the many facets of stormwater management, as well as the town’s goals for the future.

He mentioned introducing a warrant article for Town Meeting “to enact local legislation to create a stormwater enterprise.” Hardiman and the board also discussed various options for funding the projects necessary for compliance with the permit.

Additionally, the board ap­proved a “Friends of the Poor Walk/Run” for the St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. William’s Parish.

The board reviewed warrant articles for Special Town Meeting in October. The town will be bringing forward general funding bylaws, as well as a new property maintenance bylaw.

The board also discussed the recent vacancy on the School Committee following the resignation of former chairman Dennis Francis. The School Committee has requested a joint meeting with the selectmen to elect an individual to fill the va­cancy on the committee until the next town election. The board decided to post the vacancy for two weeks from Friday the 16th to Friday the 30th of August.

Montuori noted that the Regional Emergency Com­munications Center (RECC) is being constructed on sche­dule, and National Grid would like to start electrical work. Because the easement has not yet been approved at Town Meeting, the board approved a license agreement with National Grid.

Montuori recommended that the board increase the size of the Elementary School Building Committee (ESBC) from 12 to 13 members in order to make school business manager David Lib­by a voting member.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 10, 2019.

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