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TEWKSBURY — The Planning Board met on Monday, March 9 in a four-hour marathon session.

The board approved a bond release at 1583-1625 Andover St.

The board endorsed an approval-not-required plan at 8 and 11 Border Road.

In a move that many residents will welcome, the board reviewed a sign special permit for Mac’s Dai­ry Farm at 1863 Main St. The current sign is nearly 40 years old.

The owner, Susan Mathu­rin, is the daughter of the original owner, John Gal­lant, who recently passed away.

Mathurin is seeking to refurbish the current sign, but needs a special allow­ance for a sign so large. The board approved the sign special permit.

The board discussed a definitive subdivision de­sign for 325 Marshall St. The 55.2 acre property is in an R40 zone and, if ap­proved, will contain 38 new single-family lots in addition to the current homes.

Board member Eric Ry­der raised issue with the developer taking the fee-in-lieu-of-units route in­stead of designating some units affordable. The board requested artists’ renderings of the houses.

One resident raised concerns about increased tax rates and the burden of more development on senior citizens.

Resident Bruce Shick spoke about access to open space via the proposed development, including clean up of debris on the site.

Another resident spoke about traffic issues on the road: “Marshall Street was not designed to handle this traffic... eventually, someone will get run over on this road,” he said.

Yet others voiced concerns about changes to the water table. Abutters to the property, the Oli­veira Piggery, raised the issue of disclosure of proximity.

A representative from the farm said that the farm does give off odor and asked that this information be shared in the deed of every parcel, to which board chair Ste­phen Johnson explained was not the purview of the board.

The board continued the issue to the next meeting.

The board reviewed a fa­mily suite special permit for 117 Tenth St. The board approved the permit for a suite up to 1,000 square feet.

The board discussed a site plan special permit for the new center fire station at 984/970/986 Main St. While many sites were reviewed for potential de­velopment, the town de­ter­mined the Main Street site was the best option.

With more than $18 million allocated to the project at three different Town Meetings, the new station is planned to go out to bid this spring. Board members raised concerns over citizen traffic clashing with emergency services traffic.

The design team will be reaching out to Mass DOT to review road and driveway plans.

“There’s just no perfect site,” said Town Manager Richard Montuori. “We don’t have land... that meets the run times.”

A member of Tewksbury Congregational Church raised concerns over the fire station and church both using the Bank of America parking lot be­tween them. The board plans to revisit this discussion at their next mee­t­ing.

The board returned to an ongoing discussion on the site plan special permit for 1037 North St./1547 Andover St./1553 Andover St./1563 Andover St. The proponent is awaiting comment from the DPW. The board has raised is­sues with the mobility of fire trucks; the developer has shifted the design to reflect these concerns.

The board moved the issue to the next meeting.

The board discussed the site plan special permit for the new elementary school at 135 Pleasant St. The design team presented a brief overview of the building concept and re­viewed the permitting process. The board re­ques­ted a visual design of the traffic flow pattern.

The board will discuss this again at the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 30, 2020.

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