Tewksbury Town Hall is decked out with pine roping, balsam wreaths, and planters for the holidays

Tewksbury Town Hall is decked out with pine roping, balsam wreaths, and planters for the holidays. The Tewksbury Garden Club’s ACE committee worked to have everything ready for the holiday tree lighting on the common last Friday night.

TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury Garden Club has been busy the last few weeks getting the town buildings decorated for the holiday season. The ACE committee — Action Com­mittee for the Environ­ment — is a subcommittee of the Garden Club, and is charged with maintaining the many gardens and planters around the town municipal buildings.

According to Eleanor Den­ault, co-chair of the committee, 11 balsam wreaths have been decorated and put up around the town, including on the door of the fire station and at the town hall. Pine roping was draped around the front steps of town hall for the town common tree lighting ceremony, and planters have been festooned with greenery and decorations at the li­brary and town hall annex.

The ACE team is busy year ’round, tending to the war memorials on town common, working at Mus­ter Park, maintaining the plantings around the Mico Kaufman Water statue at town hall, and keeping the lilies at the front of the library neat and tidy.

The committee has also taken on landscaping around the town center digital sign, and works to have all the perennial plantings refreshed for Memorial Day activities in the spring. The group has participated in creating a special themed tree the Festival of Trees at the Tewksbury Public Li­bra­ry, though for the second year in a row the event will not take place due to COVID-19 concerns.

Denault said that other subcommittees of the Gar­den Club visit Blaire House of Tewksbury to provide craft programs for residents, and another team heads over to Bayberry at Emerald Court. The club has an Arbor Day committee which presents a program about the history of Arbor Day to the fourth graders in Tewksbury and provides each student with their own sapling to plant.

The Education Commit­tee worked on the town’s rain barrel program and raised awareness about composting.

“We are an active group and we are always looking for new members,” said Den­ault.

The ACE committee alone has 15 members. To learn more about the Tewksbury Garden Club, contact them at www.tewksburygardenclub.org.

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