Nine-week old Australian Labradoodle, Waffles

Nine-week old Australian Labradoodle, Waffles, is Tewksbury Police Department’s new comfort dog. (photo courtesy of Tewksbury PD)

TEWKSBURY — This past week, the Tewksbury Police Department announced the chosen name of their newest K-9 member, Waffles.

Waffles, a nine-week old Aus­tralian Labradoodle, is the Tewksbury Police De­partment's new comfort dog.

Australian Labradoodles are a cross between a Poo­dle, Labrador Retriever, and Cocker Spaniel, bred to be as hypoallergenic as possible, while also having a calm, clever and confident personality and temperament that will provide ex­cellent interactions with hu­mans.

The initiative to add a comfort dog to the Tewks­bury Police Department was fully funded by donations from Monadnock Lab­radoodles LLC, Walmart, Sa­lem Five Bank, Auntie Dog Training studio, Taught-A-Lot Childcare, and WellPet LLC.

In order to help create a bond between the new com­fort dog and the community, Tewksbury Police Chief Ryan M. Columbus enlisted the help of the local school student body and the entire community to provide name suggestions for the new K-9 member of the department several weeks ago. Name suggestions were collected online and through social media in anticipation of the new puppy’s arrival to the department.

Police received almost 1,000 name suggestions, in­cluding such names as Buddy, Chief, Teddy, Bent­ley, Milo, and even Pan­cake, but ultimately the win­ning name was submitted by a second grade student from Heath Brook Elementary School.

The winning second-gra­der, Jack Johnson, and his parents, Adrianne and Shaun Johnson, met Waffles for the first time last Wed­nesday.

Jack and Waffles immediately became friends, and Chief Columbus presented Jack with a gift basket in thanks for his wonderful name suggestion.

Waffles arrived for duty last Sunday, Nov. 28, from New Hampshire dog breed­er Monadnock Labradoodles. He will be partnered with School Resource Officer Er­ic Hanley and begin several months of training at Auntie Dog Training in Tewksbury.

Once fully trained as a comfort dog, Waffles will be working to calm and build relationships with students in the Tewksbury Public Schools and will appear at community events.

Chief Columbus stated in a recent press release, “Stu­dents have been through a lot in the past two years, so we’re excited to add Waffles to our department as a calming resource for all.”

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