Melissa Bormann at the Tewksbury Community Market

Melissa Bormann AKA Bubbles McGee creating magic for all at the Tewksbury Community Market Tuesday evening.      (photo:

TEWKSBURY — After a week off for last week’s state primary elections, the Tewksbury Commu­nity Market was held on Tuesday, Sept. 8, outside of the Tewksbury Public Library. Among the 22 lo­cal vendors present at this week’s market was Sun­nyhill Candle Co.

Based in Lunenburg, Sun­nyhill Candle Co. specializes in handcrafted candles. The candles are made of food-grade wax, cotton wicks, and nontoxic premium fragrance oils. All materials used in the candles are made in the United States, and the candles themselves are made in small batches in order to assure they are produced at the highest possible quality.

Sunnyhill Candle Co. has candles available in a va­riety of scents. They range from food, such as Pumpkin Pie or Water­melon, to florals, such as White Lilac and Fresh Cut Rose, to other outdoor scents, such as Rain, and High Tide.

In addition to being able to purchase candles locally at the Community Mar­ket, they are also available for shipping across the United States.

To learn more about Sunnyhill Candle Co., or to order some of their products, visit their website or visit their Facebook page: Sunnyhill Candle Co.

The Tewksbury Commu­nity Market will operate through the in-person mo­del at the Tewksbury Pub­lic Library every Tues­day from 4 to 7 p.m. until Sept. 22.

With any questions re­garding the Community Market, contact Commu­nity Outreach Librarian Robert Hayes by phone at 978-640-4490 x205 or through email at

For general Market up­dates, visit the Tewksbury Community Market Face­book page, or their website

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