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TEWKSBURY — Last week, the Tewksbury Com­munity Market held its last market of the 2021 season at its Livingston Street location. This season proved to be a season of growth for the market, hosting larger numbers of vendors and customers alike in both the new and former location.

This season, 65 different vendors were in attendance at the Tewksbury Commu­nity Market throughout the summer. This breaks down to roughly 30-35 vendors per market, with 40 vendors being the most at any singular market.

Vendors offered a wide variety of locally sourced products, with a diverse selection of both food and craft products easily ac­cessible. Food trucks also frequented the market in larger quantities, offering desserts, snacks, and dinner items for market-goers.

The overall spike in vendors likely also brought about increased foot traffic at the markets, with roughly 9,000 customer vi­sits across the season’s 12 markets.

The latter half of the market season was de­fined by the market’s move to Livingston Street Park. After being hit with several rain cancelations during the market’s tenure at the Tewksbury Public Library, the move allowed the market to operate in the rain for the first time, as they were now located on pavement.

Additionally, the Living­ston location provides nu­merous amenities, such as increased parking, restroom access, walking paths, and extended hours of op­eration.

Looking towards the fu­ture, Market Manager and Community Outreach Li­brarian Robert Hayes hopes to expand upon the in­creased space at Living­ston. Ideally, he envisions music under the pavilion, a children's activity each week, and increased participation from local community groups to be pre­valent at future markets.

Reflecting on this past season, Hayes credits the work of Assistant Market Manager Alex Lowder, and support of town officials such as Town Manager Richard Montuori, Libra­ry Director Diane Giar­russo, and the Town's Fa­cilities Manager Vinnie Bomal, as being instrumental in facilitating the market’s continued success.

Additionally, he notes the important work done by the Tewksbury Health De­partment in conducting routine inspections, as well as expresses gratitude for the teen volunteers provided by the Friends of the Library President Sue Pe­dersen.

Hayes noted that special thanks were due to the market’s vendors and pa­trons.

“I'd like to thank our vendors for being a pleasure to work with. They're great small businesses with great employees who provide great products,” Hayes said. “Most of all, I want to thank our customers. Whether you came once, or came every week, we appreciate your patron­ship and look forward to an even bigger and better 2022 market at Livingston Street.”

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