North Street third grader Ben S. returned a $100 bill

North Street third grader Ben S. returned a $100 bill he found outside of the school and was very happy to have found the owner. (courtesy photo)

TEWKSBURY — It was a regular afternoon for Ben S., a third grader at the North Street Elementary School. As he left the af­terschool program one day last week with his parent, he noticed something in the grass.

“I thought it was a piece of paper, then I saw it had 100 on it,” Ben said, shock­ed to see it was a $100 bill.

The next morning, Ben brought an envelope in to his teacher at school. On the envelope, neatly written in pencil, were the words, “Ms. Hall, I found this money in front of the school. I would like to put it in the lost and found.”

Principal Karen Cronin was so incredibly impres­sed.

“I thanked Ben’s parents for raising such a kind, hon­est, and compassionate child,” said Cronin.

Cronin spoke to Ben, who surmised the money may belong to someone from the Alphabest program based on where the bill was found.

“I hope the person gets their money back,” said Ben.

Cronin emailed the group, explaining that “something very valuable” had been found. Quickly, Cronin was contacted asking if it was $100 dollars by chance? Cronin was relieved.

“I hope if someone finds something that is not theirs, they return it,” said Ben when interviewed.

The adult who lost the money came to the school to personally thank Ben for doing the right thing.

“I am very impressed with his honesty and he seemed like a very sweet kid,” said Christina M, who gave Ben a gift card to thank him for his efforts.

Cronin is proud of Ben and is working on an award to recognize his honesty.

“Ben is an example for all of us,” said Cronin.

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