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TEWKSBURY — Many wonderful recognitions were given at the Nov. 16 School Committee Meeting. Two high school students, Hope MacKenzie and Claire Thomp­son, were recognized for achievements, recently retired school resource officer Kathy McLeod was recognized for her seven and a half years working with the schools, and NEASC Chair Cynthia Peloquin was recognized for her years of hard work preparing for the NEASC accreditation that took place at the high school this year.

MacKenzie was recognized for being a National Academy of Future Scien­tists and Technologists Par­ticipant. She has shown leadership potential and ded­ication to serving hu­manity through science, technology, engineering, and math. Thompson was recognized for receiving the National Merit Scholarship. She placed in the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who took the PSATs in 2015.

“On behalf of the school committee, it's nights like this when we get to recognize student achievement and excellence that are really wonderful. These two students represent the finest in our field of academics, and we truly appreciate them taking the time out to come and give us the opportunity to honor them. They really make Tewksbury proud and these accomplishments are really something wonderful,” said School Committee Chair Kristen Polimeno.

Recently retired police officer Kathy McLeod was recognized for her hard work and dedication as school resource officer. She has served Tewksbury for 20 years as a member of the Tewksbury Police Depart­ment and spent seven and a half of those years as the first school resource officer for Tewks­bury Public Schools.

“Kathy has been a great pleasure to work with. Kathy’s ability to work with students and families, the dedication and patience she had with the students and families in our schools, her way of interpreting the law and working with our families to understand situations has been a great pleasure and a great asset to our school community,” said John Weir, principal of John W. Wynn Middle School.

“In speaking recently with Kathy I asked her the one thing she has thoroughly enjoyed about her role as a resource officer in our schools, and in true fashion, Kathy’s response was, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff at the schools because of their concern and devotion to their students.’ And Kathy’s concern and devotion coupled with our staff is really a wonderful formula for our students and our families,” said Polimeno of McLeod’s dedication to her work.

An important happening in Tewksbury Memorial High School this year has been the NEASC accreditation visit, and work has been going into preparing for this visit for years. The standards chairs that participated in the pro­cess were Brian Aylward, Beth Beauchesne, Michelle Dick, Brandon Foye, Lynne Hardacre, Nicole LaPierre, and Peter Molloy, and the NEASC Chair was Cynthia Peloquin.

“Cynthia signed on to do this about four years ago, before my time, in 2012. I’m not sure what she was told, or if this is what she thought it was going to be, but her leadership was tremendous. Her calmness, her demea­nor, her ability to organize all of the standards chairs, to keep them on task, to be very clear on what the expectations were each month, what we needed to get done, what the long term plan was, how we were going to get there. We hit everything, every benchmark, everything we needed, and that was really because of Cynthia. I would look to Cynthia and say what do we do? What do we need to get done? She had answers for me every single time. The planning of the visit was a huge undertaking and she did all of the detailed work, which was incredible, while getting her classes all started on new schedules. So, it’s really incredible and we couldn’t have done it without her,” said TMHS principal Kristen Vogel.

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