Town Crier

TEWKSBURY — There seems to be a bit of 21+ magic in the air for the Tewksbury community. Wine fairies have come into town spreading joy and a giving spirit.

On Facebook, there are groups nationwide of the Wine Fairies, where people can join the ranks and become a fairy themselves.

On the page, members post their wine preferences and address and, as Beth Stevenson, a member of the Tewksbury Wine Fairies describes, “Wine just magically appears on your front steps.”

Members like Beth en­joy how elaborate some of these deliveries are, one fairy crafted a reusa­ble beach wine dispenser using beach pails and de­corations. Some of these fairies have dressed up as unicorns for their drop-offs.

In the local area, the Tewksbury Wine Fairies have included the towns of Billerica and Wilming­ton.

Some of these fairies do multiple wine deliveries in a day, such as Steven­son. She has driven around through Tewksbury and Billerica spreading wine and cheer.

As she drops off each delivery and dashes back to her car, a big smile and some laughter is present in her face. Sometimes she would loop around on her way out to see if the recipient saw her bag.

For members like Ste­ven­son, the best part of this experience is seeing how the community has bonded through this. She feels that there is a great sense of giving and creativity in a time of separation and isolation, as a country slowly tries to come back together after the initial shutdown from COVID-19.

Stevenson herself has even been the recipient of wine deliveries. She sometimes opens her front door to see a tall bag with the tag reading “You’ve been wine-d!”

Some of these wine fair­ies stay anonymous, while some that are delivering to people they know re­veal their name.

With so many wine fair­ies in the community, it was only a matter of time until other fairies arrived in town.

Fun examples include the Snack fairies that deliver goodies to residents of all ages around time. Snacks include muf­fins or goodies or whatever the recipient listed as their preference.

Another group includes the Booze Fairies, which broaden the horizon for all types of alcohol.

Each of these groups work the same way as the Wine Fairies: members join the Facebook group, list their preferences and address, and the giving na­ture spreads.

In a time of chaos and uncertainty, it is nice to see that there is some kindness and generosity in local communities. If you see a little bag of magic on your front doorsteps, be sure to thank the Tewksbury fairies that took the time to spread some magic.

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