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TEWKSBURY — Recently, Tewksbury resident Anne-Marie Maguire started a new business cal­led “sWHEATie STRAWs,” selling eco-friendly wheat straws.

After roughly 20 years working in venture capital, Maguire decided to begin a career in which she could work to improve the state of the planet.

“After traveling the world and seeing firsthand the harmful issues that wasteful plastic and litter has caused, I launched my business with hopes to make a positive en­vironmental change and started sWHEATie STRAWs — 100 percent eco-friendly wheat straws that are biode­gradable, single-use and disposable,” said Maguire.

The straws sold by sWHEAT­ie STRAWs are certified glu­ten-free, and can be used in hot or cold drinks. They are made from the stem of the wheat plant, and are single-use. Un­like other eco-friendly, single-use alternatives to plastic straws, such as paper straws, sWHEATie STRAWs do not get soggy, or develop an un­plea­sant taste or texture as they are used.

Although the straws can be purchased for use within one’s home, sWHEATie STRAWs also can work with businesses or restaurants affected by any plastic straw bans. They sell both cocktail straws and regular straws in smaller one hundred packs, and in bulk 500-packs.

To get more information, as well as to shop from sWHEAT­ie STRAWs, visit their website at Addi­tionally, they are a new vendor at the Tewksbury Com­­munity Market, which is held on Tuesday evenings in front of the Tewksbury Public Library through Sept. 24.

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