Sabrina Grimes checks out the new fitness court at Livingston Street

Sabrina Grimes checks out the new fitness court at Livingston Street. Grimes hopes to use the court to get ready for soccer season. (Paige Impink photo)

TEWKSBURY — Resi­dents have an exciting new, no cost way to help reach their fitness goals, all while enjoying the outdoors and providing a way for their families to have fun, too.

Tewksbury’s new fitness court, located at Livingston Street Park in the Saunders Recreation area, is design­ed to support a variety of workouts at all levels. Thanks to the National Fitness Cam­paign, the town was able to leverage a $10,000 grant to make fitness free for all residents. The workout area is part of an impressive list of ongoing upgrades and en­hancements being made to the Livingston Street recreation complex.

According to Town Mana­ger Richard Montuori, “We are trying to add amenities for different age groups; we have the playground and splash pad for the younger kids, the skateboard park and new half pipe for teens, a winter ice skating rink, tennis courts, including one painted for pickle ball, and now the fitness area for adults.”

The whole family can find something at the park now, and all be in close proximity to each other. Montuori said that funds were allocated at Fall 2018 Special Town Meeting to round out the project.

Additional improvements to the area include new lights installed at Memorial and State fields, replaced lights at the tennis and basketball courts, and new fen­cing and backstops at the Little League fields. Yet more fencing is planned for replacement soon. New drain­age improvements have also been made.

The fitness court concept originated in California in 1979 with the goal of providing free fitness for communities. According to company literature, founder Mitch Men­aged worked with Stanford Uni­versity and the City of San Francisco to launch the idea. Tewksbury was one of only 100 cities accepted into the grant program for 2018, and the court officially opened on June 28, 2019.

Tewksbury is able to integrate this system now as part of its community wellness hub at Livingston Street, as described by NFC. Residents are encouraged to check out the bodyweight circuit training facility and download the free companion app where they can learn the moves, use online training classes and motivators, and track fitness progress through the course. The app, available in the App Store or on Google Play, will also indicate if and when free clas­ses are available for Tewksbury or other fitness court locations.

The exercises supported by the fitness court include core, Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Agility and Bend. Currently, Burlington, Townsend and Tyngsborough have courts. Early indications are that the court is well received by the community and that residents will be able to enjoy the open air circuit when it is convenient for their schedule and when weather permits.

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