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TEWKSBURY — With restaurants slowly re­opening, and thousands of plans for travel, parties, and events cancelled, neighborhoods need something to look forward to, especially as the seasons change from summer to fall. Thankfully, Food Truck Festivals of Ameri­ca has got a solution.

The Food Truck Festi­vals of America company developed StrEATS, a program that sends food trucks to local neighborhoods, such as Tewksbury and towns all over the re­gion. This is designed to bring fun meal options to neighborhoods in a socially distant, COVID-19 friend­ly way.

According to Jessica Stelter, an individual wor­king for Food Truck Festi­vals of America, “When COVID hit, our team at Food Truck Festivals of America created a neighborhood food truck program called Neighbor­hood StrEATS to bring food trucks to local towns for a socially distanced lunch or dinner. As you know, the trucks thrived in the past in the cities or at college campuses but now with the pandemic, urban markets and colleges are dealing with a remote population and foot traffic is nonexistent. So, the trucks rolled to the burbs! Stoughton residents have been loving it… it’s all pre-ordered online, the truckers are masked and gloved… you order and you arrive at the truck at a time you’ve selected on­line and you pick up your food and enjoy it at home or on your lawn… many have had socially distanced picnics!”

Trucks in the Northeast available through Food Truck Festivals of Ameri­ca include Bon Me Asian Cuisine, Zaaki Food Truck, The Whoo(pie) Wagon, IGottaQ BBQ, Clyde’s Cupcakes, Macarollin’, Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Shuckin’ Truck, The Chic­ken Bandit, and Zinne­ken’s Belgian Waffles.

The Whoopie Wagon, a popular food truck, has already made a few stops in Tewksbury, such as on Sept. 15 and 22 at the Tewksbury Community Market.

Additionally, if you or someone you know owns a food truck, Food Truck Festivals of America of­fers services to help your business. Examples in­clude helping food truck businesses improve and run their social media accounts, and helping connect trucks with events happening throughout their areas and the nation.

To request a food truck in your neighborhood, vi­sit and complete the free Request a Truck form, including your name, ad­dress, phone number, e­mail, and information about how you will advertise the truck to your neighborhood to get people to visit the truck. Food Truck Festivals of Ameri­ca offer options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thanks to innovations such as StrEATS, Food Truck business owners can stay in operations, and local families can have different and fun options for meals, all while staying safe and socially distant. With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, it is incredible to see the innovation and creativity from people such as those at Food Truck Festivals of Ameri­ca that has allowed local areas to adapt and still have a good time, while still staying safe and responsible.

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