At left, Republican candidate for US Congress John Paul Moran

Republican candidate for US Congress John Paul Moran (left) collects signatures with Republican State Committeeman candidate Anthony Ventresca. He hopes to challenge current US Congressman Seth Moulton in November. (photo courtesy John Paul Moran on Facebook)

BILLERICA — Repub­lican John Paul Moran of Billerica has announ­ced his candidacy for the Mid­dlesex 6th district Con­gres­sional seat. Seth Moul­ton (D) has occupied the seat since 2014, winning re-elections in 2016 and 2018.

His new Republican op­ponent boasts that be­tween his unique identity, background and ideologies, there’s never been anyone in Congress like him.

Moran graduated from the University of Roches­ter with a bachelor’s de­gree in Optics. His work began before that, as he paid his way through college designing T-shirts and signs as an entrepreneur. He gained professional ex­perience at the MIT Lin­coln Laboratory in Lex­ington, where he ran all of the optical testing for a large, space-based telescope.

He later received his MBA at Boston Univer­sity. He also created a marketing agency and a surfing sport apparel brand. After running a nonprofit organization for many years, Moran is running for Con­gress with a goal of re­branding the GOP.

Moran took his first step into politics in 2016 when he wrote the book Cues for Conservatives. As a gay, Irish Catholic Republican, he says that in the book he’s criticizing the right for only reaching white, middle-aged Christians.

“It’s about how to better engage and reach a younger and wider audience of conservatives and uniting the movement,” Moran shared.

He wants to see the Grand Old Party re­named the Grand Oppor­tunity Party, as they seek the support of anyone who supports personal, economic, social, educational, and national op­por­tunity for America.

This candidate is running on a platform of what he deems as inaction from the current Con­gress­man and an op­portunity for Republi­cans to reach younger and more diverse audiences.

“Moulton is obsessed with his disagreement with Trump to the point where nothing is getting done in Congress,” said Moran. “Far left radicals like Seth Moulton do not want to compromise or work with the other side.”

It’s Moran’s opinion that Moulton hasn’t delivered on his promises to help veterans or to helps jobs and transportation in the City of Lynn.

Furthermore, he stands against Moulton on a num­ber of political issues. Where Moulton is in favor of regendering children and moving toward single-payer healthcare, Moran is opposed; and where Mo­ran is in favor of school choice and the Criminal Aliens Act, Moulton is op­posed.

Moran also takes pro-business, pro-limited tax­es, and anti-socialism stan­ces.

“As a politically active citizen, I believe I could do a much better job than him,” he continued.

The main way that he aims to be more effective is by working with the other side.

Moran isn’t afraid to reach out to people outside of his party.

“The right and the left are only talking to their audience. I want to reach out and have conversations with all groups of people. Everyone is my consti­tuent.”

Moran believes that his politics appeal to anyone who stands for unity, liberty, and opportunity.

“Unifying the district, state, and country is critical. Division is poisonous.”

While he’s not ignoring the Republican base where he fits, he has fresh ideas to reach out to people that the party has previously ignored.

Part of his more diverse message to the disillusioned is talking about the issues that they care about: the environment, healthcare, and student loan debt.

“There’s a lot more to worry about than carbon pollution: plastic pollution, gas emissions, and soil degradation.”

His background in science enables him to be a more educated voice in these conversations in Con­gress, as he says that most of Congress is made up of litigators, lawyers, and lobbyists.

Moran promises to prioritize efforts for reforming healthcare, education, and immigration.

“Healthcare quality is going down while prices are going up,” he said. “Sanctuary cities are not popular… there are other things we can do that don’t include sedition against the federal government.”

For education, he would promote school choice, more parental control, and less federal government and more local government involvement. All of these issues and more, he feels, have been ig­nored under Moulton.

After his campaign kick­ed off on Feb. 25 at his Billerica home, Moran is already seeing positive energy and support going forward.

“I don’t like the separation of Democrat and Re­publican; you’re either pro-opportunity or anti-opportunity. I believe the vast majority of Ameri­cans are for unity, liberty, and op­portunity. That’s why I think I’m going to win.”

He looks forward to earning a win for the people of the 6th District of Massachusetts starting with the Republican primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

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