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TEWKSBURY — TJ Cal­la­han’s Pub is hosting a raf­fle event, on Thursday, July 30, at 7 p.m.

The third place winner gets $100, second gets $1,000, and the first place winner gets $10,000.

Additionally, there will be basket raffles at the pub at 12 p.m. on July 30.

For the $10,000 raffle, tickets cost $100 each. The tickets for raffle baskets are $10 a sheet.

All proceeds to benefit In­to Action Recovery, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In September of 2018, they opened a beautiful long term residential sober living home for men who are in recovery from ad­diction. They are a 12-Step Home, dedicated to help residents build the necessary tools needed to maintain a happy and healthy life of sobriety, and return back to being productive members of society.

Mary Ellen Cooper’s neph­ew, David Hanley, runs the Sobriety home, and Cooper expressed how she’s “proud of her nephew for making a difference.” The house has been doing well through the shutdown, thanks to the help of donations.

As of Friday, June 10, Cooper was pleased to re­port that “we are sold out!”

The $10,000 raffle sold out with 300 tickets sold.

The $10,000 raffle originated as the annual New England Patriots Tailgate-VIP Raffle, which was originally scheduled for March 2020. But, according to Cooper, when the CO­VID-19 pandemic hit, she and Into Action Recovery decided to postpone until they had confirmation that the Patriots were playing.

Ultimately, while the Pa­triots will (most likely) be playing this year, there’s no guarantee any fans will be allowed inside the stadium. Additionally, Into Ac­tion Recovery had to cancel their annual 5k race and golf tournament, leaving the raffle as their only fundraiser for the year. So, Cooper and Into Action de­cided to go forward with the raffle.

Cooper had to reach out to each of the original 130 people who bought raffle tickets, to tell them of the change. But, to her surprise, most everyone decided to keep their tickets, or even bought additional tickets.

Most thought the $10,000 prize was better than the original prize, which was two tickets for eight regular season games. It in­cluded VIP Tent and free parking at the tent, and free pre- and post-game buffet and beverages. And, all seats are guaranteed to be in the 100-200 section of Gillette Stadium.

Cooper outlined that their goal with the fund­raiser was to “sell out, as we had to cancel our other fundraisers.”

And, they did, which had never happened in all the years of the fund­raiser.

The raffle will be held in a tent at TJ Calla­han’s Pub, where the baskets will be displayed among bottles of hand sanitizer.

The drawing will be livestreamed on Face­book Live at the end of the night from that location.

Overall, Cooper expres­sed that she is “glad for the good people” who have helped out and donated, and “hopes that things settle down so Into Action Recovery can hold their golf tournament and 5k next year.”

Some lucky citizen will be able to enjoy a grand prize of $10,000, thanks to the creative thinking of Into Action Recovery, and their continued de­termination to better the lives of men struggling with alcoholism.

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