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TEWKSBURY — Over the past year, various changes have occurred in the realm of town po­litics. From new elec­ted officials, to major articles being passed at Town Meeting, the Tewks­bury local political sphere shifted through­out 2019.

Following the 2019 an­nual town election, we saw a shift in elected leadership, as some long-serving officials were voted out in favor of some new faces. Notab­ly, long-serving Select­men Todd Johnson was replaced by former Town Moderator Jayne Well­man-Miller for a seat on the Board of Selectmen, and Maria Zaroulis re­placed George Ferdinand on the Board of Health.

The School Committee also gained some new members after longtime members Krissy Polimeno and Arthy Ben­nett opted to not run for reelection at the end of their term. The two new School Com­mittee members elected were Shannon Demos and John Stadtman.

Regarding the 2019 an­nual Town Meeting, the town voted to approve the funding for a new elementary school and athletic complex located at the current Center School Location. Regar­ding funding for a new Center Fire Station, Town Manager Richard Montuori opted to withdraw the article proposing the town would borrow $2,000,000 to cover expenses. Town meeting attendees also de­bated an article that gained social media traction, regarding the town’s plastic bag ban. The article sought to reinstate the use of single-use plastic bags in retail establishments, voiding the ban set in motion in April 2019. At Town Meeting, the article was indefinitely post­poned.

Looking towards 2020, there is potential for change on the horizon once again as State Rep­resentative Dave Rob­ertson will be challenged in his bid for re­election next fall. Cur­rently, Republican Alec Difruscia is set to challenge him in November.

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