Tewksbury spruce donated to City of Everett

Pictured from left are Gianna Flynn, 14; Ryan Flynn, 15; and Vanessa Flynn, 17. (Courtesy photo)

TEWKSBURY — The Flynn family of Tewks­bury gave the City of Eve­rett the spruce tree from their front lawn to be used in Everett’s annual Christ­mas Tree Lighting on Dec. 6. The donation emerged from a post on Facebook by Katie Hand Flynn, who posted about wanting to get rid of the tree in front of her Tewksbury home about a month ago.

Flynn decided to have the spruce tree cut down because it’s grown too tall for the size and landscape of their home. She said that since they moved in 14 years ago, it’s grown about 25 feet.

“The roots are underground growing beneath my walkway,” Flynn said. “And it’s blocking the house. We’re also worried that it might topple over in a storm.”

Her Facebook post also mentioned that she’d ra­ther not have the tree cut down just for firewood.

Her intent with the post was to give away this large, beautiful tree for Christ­mas.

“I got a crazy amount of interest in the tree — from Texas to Florida to New York. I didn’t expect it,” she continued.

Between all of the networks of friends and Face­book’s Marketplace, the post was shared 40,000 times.

Flynn explained that the City of Everett reached out to ask if they could take the tree for their tree lighting celebration. It was then the family’s idea to dedicate the tree to the memory of Everett Police Officer Glenn Briley. Bri­ley was living in Tewks­bury but serving the City of Everett when he died of a heart attack at age 44.

“We didn’t know [Glenn] personally, but we’re friend­­ly with the family of Glenn’s sister, Michelle Strong,” Flynn explained.

The tree dedication will be a memorial around the time for the fourth anni­ver­sary of Officer Briley’s death.

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