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TEWKSBURY — The Planning Board met last week to continue discussion on several ongoing issues.

The board heard an update on the pe­destrian mobility master plan from Town Engineer Kevin Hardiman. In 2017, the town hosted a resident input session to gather information about sidewalk need in town. The session showed that residents want to prioritize sidewalks on main roads over back roads.

“We just built two thousand feet of sidewalk on Pleasant Street, which means you can get all the way from the center of town to Whipple Road on sidewalk... we plan to expand that network,” he said.

Hardiman mentioned future projects, including on Shawsheen Street and Das­comb Road, and discussed challenges to sidewalk construction, including right-of-way, obstruction, and drainage, as well as stewardship responsibilities.

The board addressed a non-substantial change request at 307 Old Boston Road to change a sign to include a flower planter and to plant a crabapple tree. The board approved the request.

The board reviewed a concept plan at 1583 and 1625 Andover St. Matt Hamor of LandPlex LLC, and David Daly and Jonathan Miller of the Daly Group appeared before the board proposing two projects, one for a drive-through coffee shop on a site originally approved by the board for an office building, and one for a restaurant.

The developer noted that the restaurant will not be a national chain. Board members raised concerns over green space, parking, and access to nearby hotels.

Revisiting an ongoing issue, the board continued a discussion on landscaping at the Cube Smart at 395 Woburn St. Jay Tillman appeared on behalf of the owner. Town planner Anna McGinty noted that she recently visited the property to evaluate recently completed landscaping and determined that the new changes meet the expectations set by the board.

The board had received complaints from abutters in Lowell about the lack of tree coverage and general landscaping. The board voted to accept the changes as adequate.

The board endorsed an approval-not-required plan for 255 Salem Road.

The board approved a family suite special permit at 250 Cardigan Road.

The board addressed a special permit and definitive subdivision at 1420 Andover St. Matt Hamor of LandPlex LLC and attorney David Plunkett appeared on behalf of the developer. Hamor explained that the updated plan now takes into account town input, as well as abutter questions. Amid several technical and measurement concerns, the board continued the issue.

The board continued a family suite special permit discussion at 91 Northgate Road to the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 8, 2019.

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