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TEWKSBURY — The Planning Board met this Monday to review several applications and look at a concept plan for a large-scale development on Woburn Street.

A joint meeting of the Planning Board and the zoning bylaw subcommittee has been postponed until after the New Year.

The board turned to the bond release motion at 395 Woburn St. for Cube Smart. The board had previously rejected the release due to outstanding, unresolved is­sues on the property, specifically landscaping issues. The board unanimously voted to release the bond.

The board addressed modifications to Plan­ning Board applications and fees. Town Planner Anna McGinty explained that while there are no changes in fees, the fee schedule has been clarified, and applications will require more information of proponents.

Board member Vinny Fratalia asked for an analysis of the fees compared to surrounding communities. The board approved the modifications.

The board reviewed a non-substantial change at 464-468 Main St. from IRA Toyota. Toyota is seeking to remove landscaping plans, originally proposed for behind the dealership, adjacent to the railroad.

A representative of Toy­ota explained that “from an aesthetic landscape, most of this landscaping won’t be visible.”

Additionally, the owners are seeking to move vegetation closer to the road. The board requested that they reserve the right to review any chan­ges.

Toyota is also requesting permission to erect a temporary tent structure behind the Hardy-Pike House. Construc­tion at the dealership is occurring in phases, and customers have no ac­cess to the sales offices or showrooms.

Toyota is using the Pike House as temporary offices, and is seeking to use a large tent structure for customers to leave their cars for em­ployees to drive them back to the service bays.

Member Eric Ryder noted that the fire chief expressed concern over accessibility and the safety of running cars under a tent. The board requested that Toyota consult with the building inspector over this issue. The board approved the change request.

The board addressed a concept review for 495 Woburn St./40 Discovery Way. Robert Buckley led a team from Riemer & Braunstein, LLC, to ex­plain the application for redeveloping the site. He explained that half the property lies in Tewks­bury, half in Bil­lerica, and has an im­pact on Lowell.

The proposed building would be a bit over 700,000 square feet with approximately 85 loading docks in a cross dock con­figuration. The group is in the process of completing a traffic study and presented a concept plan to the board.

Buckley stated that the project will create “a significant amount of [fi­nancial] investment... op­portunity for jobs.”

The user has not been identified due to a confidentiality agreement, though Buckley said it has been an “informative and cooperative ap­proach.”

Buckley also said, “if I’m not mistaken, this is the first or second in the country,” referring to the potential project.

The entire parcel is 42 acres. The group plans to tear down the existing building which is vacant at present.

The board raised concerns over traffic and re­quested renderings of signs. The board was also hesitant to issue waivers, citing a need for more information. The proponents will take the board’s comments under advisement.

The board endorsed an approval not required plan for 180-184 South St. to correct property lines based on inaccurate, outdated plans.

The board wished ev­ery­one a happy holiday season.

The next meeting is sche­duled for Jan. 13, 2020.

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