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TEWKSBURY — As development along Main Street continues, professional offi­ces for Circle Health, an af­filiate of Lowell General Hospital, will be constructed at the corner of Main and Victor Drive. The building address will be 1574 Main St. and consist of a single story, 13,500 square foot medical office facility.

According to the Site Plan Special Permit for LGH Medical Building Services, Inc. dated Aug. 14, 2017, the property will have 75 parking spaces. The parcel is stated in documents to en­compass 4.3 acres.

Town Manager Richard Mon­tuori said, “We are ex­cited to have Lowell General locate a facility in Tewks­bury. Their presence will provide a needed service to the Community.”

Circle Health and Lowell General Hospital CEO Jody White said, “The residents of Tewksbury have relied on the care that Lowell General Hospital provides for a long time, and we are excited to expand our services in town by providing urgent care, primary care, and outpatient services in one convenient location. We hope the creation of Circle Health Tewksbury will further reinforce our promise to provide complete connected care to this community.”

Planning board minutes from Aug. 14 describe services at the facility as “x-ray services, lab and primary care.” Estimates of traffic impact are 30-50 car trips during peak hours.

Representatives for the de­velopment including Dick Cuoco, Marc Ginsberg, Jim Hanley and Ron Meuller felt this would be a “low impact development,” according to the minutes.

The building is part of the commercial component of the Balsam Place development which is off of Victor Drive, sharing the roadway with the John W. Wynn Mid­dle School and the Carter Green residences. Balsam Place is a 192-unit, multi-structure apart­ment complex.

A $2.5 million Mass Works infrastructure grant was an­ticipated to complement the build out of the property with improvements to Route 38, helping to fund sidewalks and turning lanes. The work would have extended from Colonial Drive to Hinckley Road. The grant was denied by the state a few weeks ago, but provisions in the Site Plan Special Permit state that the applicant will be responsible for “sidewalks along the perimeter of the property” should the Mass Works grant not materialize.

Tewksbury Board of Sel­ectman Chair Mark Krat­man said, “the project did not hinge on this grant,” noting that the facility is needed in the community and will serve residents, especially seniors, exceptionally well.

“We will keep pursuing funding for the road im­provements,” he said, ex­plaining that bicycle and pedestrian safety remains a high priority for the town.

Residents who attended the Planning Board public hearing for the project did express concerns related to traffic and automobile headlight impacts on residences nearby. Specifically, the cut through of cars via Patrick Road as a way to avoid backups on Victor Drive during high traffic times was raised. Car lights from the parking lot and turning traffic was also brought up as an issue. The approximate hours of operation were stated to be 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., though it was not known with certainty per the applicant.

“This project will improve a vacant lot on Main Street and continue the influx of professional services to the area,” said Kratman.

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