TMHS 2020 Awards and Scholarships

TEWKSBURY — On May 21, 2020, Tewksbury Memo­rial High School premier­ed a pre-recorded scholarship and awards ceremony for the community to celebrate the academic and athletic achievements of the class of 2020. 180 scholarships were awarded, totaling $125,000 in fiscal aid for seniors.

“This scholarship and awards ceremony may not be one that you are used to,” said district superintendent Chris Malone, “but it will be one that you will remember.”

Administration, teachers, and coaches along with business and foundation representatives made the announcements remotely. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a slide show of graduating students was presented.

The program may be viewed on and was produced by Tewksbury Tele­media. The following students are the 2020 re­cip­ients of TMHS’s awards and scholarships.

Harvard Book Award - Mihir Bagul, TMHS junior; awarded by the Har­vard club of the Merri­mack Valley

Rensselaer Medal Scho­larship Award - Kunal Pal, TMHS junior; for outstan­ding achievement in math and science

Anthony J. Romano Tech­nology in Education Award - Zachary Spiegel

Art Department Award - Brian Carta

Business Technology Award - Rebecca DeFran­cesco

Computer Technology Award - Zachary Spiegel

English Academic Award - Rebecca Deck

Early Childhood Educa­tion Award - Rebecca Car­dia

French Academic Award - Erin Ciampa

Latin Academic Award - Andrew Bielecki

Spanish Academic Award - Jasmine Won

American Sign Language Academic Award - Heather Connelly

Marketing Department Academic Award - Colby Brown

Mathematics Academic Award - Victoria Schille

Music Department Aca­demic Award - Megan Cun­ningham

Science Department Aca­demic Award - Kiley Tib­betts

Social Studies Academic Award - Emily Butler

Wellness Academic Award - Allison Wild

Massachusetts School Ad­ministrators Association Aca­demic Excellence Award - Sarah Polimeno

Lawrence L. Day Memo­ri­al Scholarship for community service - Alexia Ches­brough

Christine L McGrath Per­forming Arts Scholarship - Zachary Graczyk

THMS Redmen Volley­ball Booster Club Schol­arships - Alexa Harring­ton, Allison Wild, Emily Butler, Emma Demos, Gi­anna Bourassa, Kiley Tib­betts, Lizzy Tag­gart, and Rebecca Defran­cecso

Tewksbury Teachers As­sociation Scholarship - Am­aya Allen, Diego Car­niero Monteiero, Victoria Schille, Zachary Spiegel, and Jas­mine Won

Elks Scholarships - Jack Balboni, Lauren Ward, Vic­toria Schille, and Emma Demos

Shane Marshall Conta­lo­­nis Memorial Scholarship - Molly O'Neill. Ryan Quinn, Julia Garland, Mi­chael Woodford, Clayton Taylor, Lexi Palmisano, Riann Sa­voia, Dominic Iannacci, Connor Char­ron, Shane Aylward, Ja­son Martin­eau, Tyler Ke­ough, Max Cummings, Pat­rick Le­tour­neau, Kyle Scrooc, and Allison Wild

Hoyt and Bugbee Foun­dation Scholarship - Bri­cen Boudreault, Sydney Crow­ley, Jessca Smith, and Patrick Killion

Warren Carey Memorial Scholarship - Emily But­ler and Victoria Schille

Kay Aspell Curran - Gar­rett Starr

THMS Theater Company Scholarship - Brian Carta, Jasmine Won, Erin Ciam­pa, Nick MacNeil, Zach­ary Graczyk, Melanie Cre­peau, and Jessica Lisiecki

Loella F. Dewing PAC Scholarship - Colby Brown

Tewksbury Youth Foot­ball Scholarships - Robert Kimtis, Kyle Scrooc, Tyler Keough, Rebecca Cardia, Michael Woodford, Domi­nic Iannacci, Shane Ayl­ward and Allison Wild

Deb Billings Memorial Scholarship for soccer - Sara Boucher, Julia Caf­ferty, Sophie Eskenas, Cait­lyn Fi­ore, Danielle Bain, Joseph Branchaud, Liam Cafferty, Xavier Cram, Michael Dell’Or­­fano, Tyler Demers, Mi­chael Fowler, Zachary Hines, Zachary Lalonde, Shawn Manson, and Greg Sencabaugh

TMHS Redmen Lacrosse Scholarship - Molly O’Neill and Morgan Woodman

Tewksbury Education Foundation Scholarship - Gianna DiGiorgio and Jo­seph Branchaud

Officer Ron Tarentino Jr. Foundation Scholarship - Caitlyn Legvold and Emi­ly Butler

Tewksbury Lions Club Scholarship - Rebecca De­francesco, Allison Wild, Zachary Spiegel, Cailtyn Hickey and Mikaela Enax

George “Timmy” Ernest Memorial Scholarship for Hockey - Thomas Barbati, Patrick Letourneau, Kyle Morris, Abigail O'Keefe, Lydia Pendleton, Camp­bell Pierce, Ryan Quinn, Victo­ria Schille, and Ma­dison Sjostedt

Willie Byers Memorial Scho­larship - Sophie Es­kenas, Garrett Starr, and Gianna DiGiorgio

Lowell Five Bank Aca­dem­ic Scholarship - Eliz­abeth Taggart

Friends of Tewksbury Tennis Scholarship - Eliza­beth Taggart, Alexia Ches­brough, Dominic Co­hen, Sydney Crowley, Mi­chael Fowler, Caitlyn Hic­key, Zachary Hines, Ari­anna Raso, and Rachel Strangie

TMHS Redmen Field Hoc­key Booster Club Award - Julia Garland, Ryan Quinn, Victoria Schille, Morgan Woodman

TMHS Red Rangers Girls’ Hockey Boosters Scho­lar­ship - Abigail O’Keefe, Ryan Quinn, Lydia Pendle­ton, Victoria Schille, and Ma­dison Sjostedt

Tewksbury Music Asso­ciation Award - Andrew Laperriere, Amaya Allen, Diego Carniero Montiero, Brian Carta, Erin Ciam­pa, Megan Cunningham, Zach Graczyk, Jessica Li­siecki, Garrett Starr, and Jasmine Won

John F. Ryan PAC Scho­larship - Kristina Johnson and Arya Mehrabani

Linda Peters Memorial Scholarship - William An­della, Gianna DiGiorgio, and Cheyanne Harasen

Tewksbury Country Club Charitable Foundation Scho­larship - Arianna Raso and Michael Fowler

Wamesit Lanes Family En­­tertainment Center Scho­larship - Christopher Ngu­yen

Jim Hardy Memorial Scho­­larship for softball - Mi­kaela Enax, Jessica Smith, and Gianna Ragucci

Jerry Murphy Memorial Scholarship - Ryan Quinn and Michael Woodford

Wilmington/Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award - Ryan Quinn and Colby Brown

Tewksbury Girls Softball League Scholarship - Emi­ly Butler, Emma Demos, Jes­sica Smith, Sarah Po­li­meno, and Gianna Ra­gucci

TMHS PAC Scholarship - Dominic Cohen, Anthony DiSanto, Noah Fleming, Gi­­anna Bourassa, Chris­topher Nguyen, Arya Meh­rabani, Tyler Hoyt-Paul­ding, Alexia Chesbrough, Alex Gieng, Mikaela En­ax, Rebecca Deck, Gianna Ra­gucci, Ryan Quinn, Ri­ann Savoia, and Matthew Fer­reira

Dennis McGadden Memo­rial Track and Cross Coun­try Award - Meghan Oster­tag, Sarah Polimeno, Shan­non Crowley, Gianna Bou­rassa, Sophie Eskenas, Faith Mazzapica, Kaitlyn Staskywicz, Danielle Bain, Sarah Boucher, Christo­pher Nguyen, Shane Ayl­ward, Gustavo Tizotti, Wil­liam Andella, Thomas Ba­rinelli, Robert Chisholm, Zachary Lalonde, and Jo­seph Bran­chaud.

Kevin J. O’Brien Memo­rial Scholarship - Abigail O’Keefe, Jessica Smith, and Gianna DiGiorigio

Anthony J. Romano Memo­rial Scholarship - Shane Aylward

Robert V. Horgan Memo­rial Scholarship - Shane Aylward

Redmen Wrestling Club Scholarship - Dylan Chand­ler, Connor Charron, Ryan Day

PAL Wrestling Organiza­tion Memorial Scholarship - Dylan Chandler, Connor Charron, Ryan Day

Redmen Football Club Scholarships - Shane Ayl­ward, Robert Kimtis, Dyl­an Chandler, Riley Auth, Owen Gilligan, Tyler Ke­ough, Connor Charron, and Kyle Scrooc

TMHS Redmen Girls Bas­ketball Booster Club Scho­larship - Julia Cafferty, Allison Wild, Kylie Tib­betts

TMHS Redmen Hockey Booster Club Awards - Thomas Barbati, Andrew Camello, Michael Dell’Or­fano, Patrick Letourneau, Kyle Morris, and Camp­bell Pierce

TMHS Redmen Dance Team Boosters Scholar­ship - Rhiannon Leslie

TMHS Cheerleader Boos­ters Scholarship - Kristina Johnson, Kaitlyn Stasky­wicz, Abigail O’Keefe, Kate Rose, Katey Lowry, Rebec­ca Cardia, Lexi Pal­misano, and Gianna Di­Giorgio

Tewksbury Girls’ Basket­ball League Scholarship - Julia Cafferty, Kylie Tib­betts, Mikaela Enax, Shan­non Crowley, Rebecca De­francesco, Sophie Esken­as, Meghan Ostertag, Gi­anna Ragucci, and Jessica Smith

Tewksbury Youth Base­ball Scholarship - Caitlyn Legvold

North Street School Al­umni Scholarship - Emily Butler

TMHS Redmen Baseball Booster Club Scholarship - Garrett Kingston, Tyler Keough, Jay Nolan Tim­mons, Robert Evange­lis­ta, Matthew Ferreira, Ja­cob Bragg, James Kocha­kian, Alex Lacerda, Max Cum­mings, and Christo­pher Antonelli

Schlott Tire Academic Scholarship - Sarah Poli­meno

Tewksbury Redmen Boys’ Basketball Booster Scho­larship - Anthony Disanto, Garrett Kingston, Richard Markwarth, Thomas Brad­ley, Colby Brown, Evan Man­tel, Adam Trudeau, and Shane Aylward

Tewksbury Redmen Soft­ball Booster Scholarship - Gianna Ragucci, Emily Butler, Emma Demos, Al­exa Harrington, Jessica Smith, and Mikaela Enax

Tewksbury Recycling Com­mittee Republic Ser­vices Scholarship - Alexia Chesbrough and Sophie Eskenas

John Wynn PAC Scholar­ship - Alexia Chesbrough and Katilyn Staskywicz

Tewksbury Youth La­crosse Association Scho­larship - Riley Auth, Matt Brennan, Connor Char­ron, Robert Chisolm and Shan­non Crowley

William J. DeGregorio Scholarship Award - Vic­toria Schille

Lawrence McGowan Scho­larship Award - Colby Brown

Theresa Lightfoot Scho­larship Awards - Arianna Raso and Michael Dell’Or­fano

Kevin Kelly Memorial Sportsmanship Award - Robert Kimtis and Tyler Keough

Leo “Doc” Dirocco Sports­manship Award - Kaitlyn Staskywicz

Deborah Lee McPhail Memorial Determination Award - Meghan Ostertag

Dana Gillette Memorial Determination Award - Dy­lan Chandler

Dennis McGadden Memo­rial Coaches Award - Zach­ary Lalonde

Meghan Mary McCarthy Tewksbury Coaches Award - Julia Cafferty

Bob Aylward Athletic Lea­dership Award - Ryan Quinn and Campbell Pierce

Outstanding Athlete Award - Allison Wild

Charles E Hazel Out­stan­­ding Athlete Award - Shane Aylward


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