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BILLERICA — Mat­thew Mixon of Billerica has recently announced that he will be running to represent Massachusetts’ Sixth District in the Uni­ted States House of Rep­re­sentatives, which in­cludes Tewksbury and Wil­mington, in the 2020 Congressional election. Mixon will be challenging incumbent Seth Moul­ton, who has held the seat since 2015.

A Billerica resident for more than 20 years, Mix­on attended Middlesex Community College, then UMass Lowell, where he earned a Bachelor’s De­gree in Criminal Justice. A staunch believer in edu­cation, Mixon continues to study a variety of topics even after college, and particularly enjoys learning about his surrounding towns and communities, especially those in the Sixth District.

Previously, Mixon ran as a part of the Second American Revolution Par­ty in 2018 to represent the 22nd Middlesex Dis­trict in the Massachu­setts House of Represen­ta­tives.

Mixon decided to run for congressional office be­cause he felt not enough action was currently be­ing taken to resolve significant nationwide is­sues. In order to combat this inaction, he decided the best way to invoke positive change would be to work to create it himself.

“I am at a point in my life where I've learned a lot about how the government works, so I feel I can begin proposing so­lutions to the problems that are affecting our country,” he said. “I also feel it is important that the younger members of our society understand the numerous problems that our country is facing and realize that there are actions that can be taken to solve them. I think leading by example is the best way to do that.”

Regarding key issues he hopes to target, Mixon plans on directing his focus onto issues primarily affecting the sixth district, such as gang violence, the opioid epidemic, infrastructure in regards to traffic patterns and pedestrian/bike paths, healthcare, and affordable housing among others. Many of his platforms focus on improving the lifestyles of constituents in need.

“Unfortunately, there are some individuals in the sixth district who have fallen through the cracks and I want to give them the chance to educate themselves, receive job training, or learn other useful skills,” he said. “I want everyone in the sixth district to have numerous opportunities to succeed and I don't believe in giving up on anyone who desires to learn and build a better life for themselves.”

Mixon says he differs from incumbent Moulton regarding key issues, as well as campaign ethics and financing. Mixon in­tends on emphasizing non­violent solutions when­ever possible, such as reforming the criminal justice system and limiting the United States’ military involvement in foreign conflicts. He also pledges to not accept do­nations from large companies and corporations, and aims to remove mon­ey from the political system entirely.

Looking towards the November election, Mix­on emphasizes that he will prioritize the needs of the sixth district’s con­stituents first if he is elected, in order to represent their best interests accurately.

“I will always put the people of the sixth district first; my only loyalty is to the people of this district,” Mixon said. “My loyalties do not lie with political parties, politicians, lobbyists, spe­cial interests, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial com­plex, or PACs. If elected, I will go to Washington to serve the residents of the sixth district and not any other group.”

Election day is on Nov. 3, 2020.

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So far this newspaper is the only publication out of dozens upon dozens that has given me the opportunity to disseminate my message. My requests to other mainstream news outlets have gone ignored. I think this speaks volumes about the current state of affairs in mainstream media.

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