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Time management for fitness

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Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013 11:54 am

With a busy schedule trying to find the time to exercise often falls to the wayside. However, with a little time management and help from reading the tips below, it will all seem much more feasible.

10 - Set Alarm Early

After a late night watching the Red Sox win the World Series the last thing you want to do is get up early and exercise. However, just by setting the alarm 20 minutes early you can do some easy body weight exercises that will leave you feeling fresh. Complete three sets of these four exercises: dips, pushups, crunches, and lunges.

Instead of counting your reps, do each exercise for 1 minute. After you have completed your first set of dips, pushups, crunches and lunges take a two-minute break. Repeat for set two with another two-minute break then set three.

Exercising for uninterrupted time rather than counting your reps also acts as a form of cardio. And a simple time saver tip - wear your workout clothes to bed the night before.

9 - Park Further Away

It may seem like a small and obvious tip, but adding steps anywhere to your day will make a difference. Society in general seems to be in a rush, so we tend to seek out the closest parking spot to our destination.

However, by allotting the time to park further away whether it is to go to work, or run errands on the weekend, you are adding many steps in your day.

8 - Always Take the Stairs

Rather than jump on an elevator or escalator, take the stairs. Not only is this good for your health, but it can also save time.

When people are waiting for the next elevator, or are standing behind someone on the escalator you can actually pass them on the stairs. Also, while walking we tend to maintain the same gate, so increase your gate and take two steps at once.

7- Don't Just Wait

in Line

It is inevitable we all wait in line, whether it is at the grocery store or the pharmacy. Since it is unavoidable why not make the most of it and add a little exercise? A good option that won't draw too many glares are calf raises. Go from standing flat footed to up on your tippy toes and repeat. If confidence is your strong suit go all out and do some lunges. However, if it is a busy area space may be a problem.

6 - Walk Your Dog

and You!

Opening the back door and letting your dog out in the yard is easy enough. However, taking little Fido for a walk is the way to go. Walking as a party of one can be quite mundane. However, add Fido to the mix and not only is it making their a health a priority, but you are squeezing in some exercise. What started as a boring walk just turned into a lively new routine. Not to mention, how many friends you make with that cute pup by your side.

An added bonus is on the days you are too tired, Fido's puppy face and standing by the door will remind you to get up and go!

5 - Squats in the Bathroom

Yes, you read that right, do squats in the bathroom. Everyone uses the bathroom multiple times a day. When you are in the private confines of the stall complete 10 squats before taking care of business. Depending on your hydration nature may call ten times a day and you will have completed 100 squats!

4 - Sweaty Cleaning

Turn that music up and get your cleaning supplies out because it is time for sweaty cleaning. Who cares if it looks like your ran a 5K, when in reality you did not leave the confines of your home. It's a win, win; a workout and a clean house.

The thing to focus on is sweating. Now putting dishes in the dishwasher won't exactly do the trick. So sweeping a large area, vacuuming the living room and stairs, and dusting the almost out of reach places are all great ways to get your sweat on. With the beat of Sara Bareilles's 'Brave,' echoing through the home cleaning never seemed so fun.

3 - Multitask at the Gym

Ok, the dreaded gym. Now living in New England there are only a few months where you can really exercise outside, which is always a better choice. However, snow is right around the corner and the gym is going to become a close friend. Now a two-hour gym session is not necessary and honestly who has time for that? It is time to multitask and while walking on treadmill, wear 5-pound ankle weights, or hold 3-pounddumb bells. This saves time by combining cardio and weight training.

Also, the light weights, lots of reps approach ensures lean muscle is being built.

2 - Don't be a Couch Potato

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and watching some DVR. But catching up on Modern Family is not a free pass to be a total Couch Potato. There are a few different ways to go. Don't fast forward the commercials. Instead, this allows three exercises for oneminute each. You can run in place, do bicep curls (if you don't have weights use cans of soup), and complete tricep extensions.

Another option is workout while the show is one and fast forward the commercials. Either way avoid sitting for hours on end and maybe one day Sofia Vergara's curves will be attainable.

1 - Dance!

Zumba is all the craze, but who said that paying for a membership to a gym, or signing up for a class are the only ways to partake? Ever look at the On Demand exercise options? Zumba is one of them and it shows step by step instructions on working out without even realizing you're doing it. No On Demand? No problem. Simply dancing, is a great way to get that heart rate up. And don't hold back, dance like no one is watching. Thirty minutes and a sweaty beaded forehead later you squeezed in a workout.

I would love to hear from you! If you are an athlete, or ex-athlete looking for how you can separate yourself from the pack, or even how you can stay fit and healthy in this busy world we live in, please reach out to me at Lauren.B.Bacheller@gmail.com. My column appears once a month here in the Town Crier.

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