TEWKSBURY – I had some extra room in this week's sports pages and decided to double up, so we have the boys and girls hockey All-Decade teams and below are the boys and girls track-and-field teams.

Looking back over the past decade from the 2009-'10 to 2018-'19 seasons, it's certainly been an interesting ride. On the boys side, the team had five different coaches and just had their sixth this past winter. Steve Levine had the position for two years and finished with a 7-3 combined record and one MVC Division 2 title.

Billy Meuse followed for two years and combined for a 5-4 record and a MVC D2 title. Peter Fortunato finished 3-5 in two years and Scott Vandermolen was 4-4 in his two seasons, and then Peter Molloy had the final two years combining for an 8-4-1 record, including sharing the MVC D2 title in 2019.

The program finished 27-20-1 overall with three league titles.

On the girls side, Molloy held the position all ten years before Fran Cusick took over this past winter. Molloy guided the team to an overall mark of 47-10-1, which included six MVC Division 2 championships, two MVC League Meet Championship titles and two Class Relay Titles, Class B in 2010 and then Class D in 2016.

Individually the girls program soared with countless number of league, divisional, all-state and New England winners/place finishers.

As for selecting the All-Decade track teams, I did it a little bit different than the other teams. I elected to name ten of the top individuals and three relay teams, thus coinciding with what a state meet looks like, with 13 total events.

I decided not to just name the athlete with the best time in each event, because I felt there were many events that were much stronger throughout the decade than others, and many of the stronger athletes who did extremely well in the state meets would miss out, therefore below is my top 10 individuals throughout the decade and then the three best relay teams, as well as a reserve team.

I also elected not to include a short write-up on each, because track accomplishments are never short.


• Anthony Arcari, sprints

• Cory Cataldo, jumps

• Mike Famiglietti, distance

• John Fiorello, shot put

• Joey Forest, distance

• Richard Kirby, jumps

• Zach LaLonde, hurdles

• Mike Monahan, hurdles

• Casey Ryan, distance

• Cory Thomas, distance


4x200: Ethan Exilhomme, Josh Kuffoh, Colby Wilson and Zach LaLonde

4x400: Matt Cahill, Josh Kuffoh, Cam Grace and Zach LaLonde

4x800: Rory Foley, Mario Fuchu, Alec Hirtle and Jacob Cofer


• Brian Amaral, distance

• Thomas Barinelli, jumps

• Billy Bennett, shot put

• Patrick Bernardo, sprints

• Connor Blair, mid-distance

• Ethan Exilhomme, hurdles

• Mario Fuchu, distance

• Eddie Matovu, hurdles

• Colby Wilson, jumps


• Jessica Bridle, sprints

• Ally Greene, sprints

• Makayla Paige, mid-distance

• Tatum Pecci, sprints

• Lauren Polimeno, pentathlon

• Emily Sessa, distance

• Rachel Sessa, distance

• Krista Stracqualursi, shot put

• Leanne Tucker, mid-distance

• Stephanie Walker, hurdles


4x200: Kendall Paolella, Tatum Pecci, Christine-Jean Baptiste and Alex Joseph

4x400: Leanne Tucker, Jess Bridle, Ashley Toland and Ally Greene

4x800: Rachel Sessa, Holly O'Leary, McKenzie Clark and Makayla Paige


• Jess Amedee, hurdles

• Stephanie Baptiste, hurdles

• Sarah Hogan, sprints

• Marissa Ladderbush, sprints

• Holly O'Leary, distance

• Kendall Paolella, hurdles

• Kelly Quigley, jumps

• Lily Robinson, distance

• Ashley Toland, mid-distance

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