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BRONX, NEW YORK — After going 12 straight appearances without giving up a run, Tewksbury's Scott Oberg has given up three runs over his last two appearances, including two in Sunday's 8-4 win over the New York Yankees. And in both games, he walked the lead-off hitter.

"I can't give up lead-off walks. That hurt me again. I fell behind but did make some good pitches after that. Then (Aaron) Hicks battled and I thought I made some good pitches but that last one I misexecuted it (and he hit a two-run homer run). I was trying to go more away and it came back in."

Oberg previously pitched last Tuesday and after getting four days off, he entered the bottom of the eighth inning of an 8-2 game on Sunday. With temperatures in the mid 90s and a crowd of 41,841 on-hand, Oberg made his first appearance at Yankee Stadium and he immediately wanted to forget it. After giving up a lead-off walk to former teammate Michael Tauchman, Oberg got two hot hitters out, including another former teammate DJ LeMahieu flying out to right before striking out Aaron Judge. That set things up for Hicks, who worked his way to a 3-2 count, before depositing a 95-mile per hour fastball into the right field stands to make it an 8-4 game. Edwin Encarncion ended the inning with a fly ball to left.

Wade Davis closed the game out in the ninth, and the Rockies ended their six-game losing streak and headed to Washington D.C. To start a three-game series against the Nationals.

"It's a good win for us so hopefully we can put it together and make a push (the rest of the way)," said Oberg.

Before Sunday, Oberg had been to 25 of the 30 ball parks, noting that he hasn't been to Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago White Sox, while he's been to Oakland and Kansas City but hasn't pitched there yet. Sunday marked the 26th field he has been to — and 24th that he's pitched at.

"(Yankee Stadium is a) really cool and a pretty neat place," he said before Sunday's game. "This is just a thing of beauty to begin with. There’s so much history with this club so when you see the pinstripes upfront and in person, it’s pretty cool. I remember watching all of the old games and I went to a couple of Red Sox-Yankees games when I was growing up so being here is pretty special."

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