TMHS Senior Lucas Frost — best javelin in the state

For the second straight year, TMHS Senior Lucas Frost is the best javelin thrower in the entire state, as he won the All-State title on Saturday with a throw of 191-02.     (file photo).

WESTFIELD — After his winning throw of 191-02, it's believed that Tewksbury Memorial High School senior Lucas Frost became the first male athlete in the outdoor track-and-field program to capture two straight All-State Championship Titles.

The Town Crier and coaches believe that the previous All-State champions were Evan White in the 200-meters with a time of 21.66 seconds back in the 2009 season, and then in 1995, Dan Clark captured the title in the 300-meter intermediate hurdles.

The soon-to-be Division 1 thrower at the University of Rhode Island, didn't change his emotions one bit after easily coming away with the title on Saturday at Westfield State University. He picked up his javelin, cracked a small smile and remained his true extremely humbled and quiet self.

"I was a little nervous. There were a lot of people here. I felt good. I warmed up a little bit early so I think that helped," he said.

Frost's second throw was the winner and from there no one really even scratched the surface of coming close. The second place finisher Connor Hayford of Pittsfield threw 177 feet and Anthony Pizanno of Stoughton was third at 173-06.

"Lucas had a fantastic showing in the javelin," said boys' head coach Peter Molloy. "That increment that we talked about (with the new javelin) makes a difference, makes a huge difference."

In last week's edition, the Town Crier told the story of how the program got a new javelin to help Frost with his throws and certainly it has helped him greatly.

"Lucas had never throw over 179 feet with the old javelin and of the 18 throws he's had with the new javelin, only two have been under 180 feet. You get the right equipment and it matters so that was obviously great to see," said Molloy.

While Frost had his new jav, he was without his throws coach Andrea Caprio.

"I always felt like when a kid does well and their coach isn't there, it's a pretty good sign that the kid is well-coached," said Molloy. "Andrea had a wedding to attend and she was in it, so Lucas went out there and just executed everything that Andrea taught him to do."

After some of his throws were in the 180-foot range, Molloy offered his own coaching advice to Frost.

"Coach Molloy told me that I was being too tight with my crossovers and I had to loosen up and stand up straight more. So I tried to do that and it worked," said Frost.

Molloy did say that he offered that suggestion, but in no way does he feel that was the reason why he won the event once again.

"I felt comfortable giving him some advice," said Molloy. "I told him that after his second throw and I just said that you have to be taller and he was taller and he threw 190 feet but he didn't throw 190 feet because I told him to be taller. Technique wise he is still a work in progress."

Since leaving the JV Baseball team for track, Frost has now won two MVC, Division 3 and All-State titles. Last year he finished fourth at the New England Meet.

This weekend he will compete for the last time while in a Tewksbury uniform back in the NE's to be held in Sacco, Maine, as he will miss the national meet due to a pre-planned vacation.

At the NE's, Frost will meet up again with Ian Hall of Rogers High School in Rhode Island. He was the one who originally lent Frost his javelin, which helped him throw over 190 feet at the Loucks Games in New York.

"It'll be fun and I'm looking forward to it. His personal record is over 210 feet," said Frost. "I obviously have to thank Coach Caprio and Coach Molloy. They have both helped me (to get to where I am now)."

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