Colin Walsh was a member of the TMHS Girls’ Volleyball team in 2006

Back in 2006, Colin Walsh was a member of the TMHS Girls’ Volleyball team. He never played in the front row or served, yet the program was forced to bump up a division in the state tournament because he was on the roster. Later this month, the MIAA will hear a proposal which would allow boys to play on the front row which has caused concerns for safety. (file photo).

Over the last week or so, the MIAA held meetings and voted on several changes for the upcoming seasons with a various different sports. It appears as if football will remain to have eight divisions, while both basketball and volleyball will spread out to five divisions, all starting in the 2021-'22 season.

Another possible change in volleyball could also happen. On May 28th, a representative from the Volleyball Committee will attend the Blue Ribbon Committee to give a presentation for the proposed rule change that would allow boys to play in the front row during game play, thus being able to spike the volleyball as a member of the girls team.

This possible rule change has brought up a number of safety issues. Tewksbury coach Alli Luppi was asked her thoughts on the possibility of this happening.

"I've heard about the upcoming rule change. It seems most coaches I've talked to are against it, which I completely understand. I play co-ed volleyball quite frequently, and I can only imagine how hard the men would hit if they were hitting on a women's net instead of a men's net. With this being said, I'm still interested in learning more about the proposal from both sides."

Back in 2006, under then TMHS head coach Kerry Lane (now Kerry Kane), the Redmen Volleyball team qualified for the state tournament for the first time in seven years and had a boy on the roster, Colin Walsh, who played in the back row. But because Walsh was on the roster, Tewksbury was forced to move up and play Lexington in the Division 1 North Sectional tournament, although the Redmen should have been a D2 team.

"The way we played him, we should not be moving up to D1," said Lane at the time. "It’s not like he is there in the front row with huge power. Colin is a great player, but we have not had him serve all season and he's been behind the ten-foot line all season."


This past week, MaxPreps announced the top 20 high school football programs of the decade. The website said the methodology included:

• Top 25 finishes in the MaxPreps state computer rankings (25 points awarded to the No. 1 team, 24 for No. 2 and so on).

• Top 25 finishes in the MaxPreps national computer rankings (50 points for No. 1, 49 for No. 2 and so on).

• State championships (20 points).

• State championship game appearances (10 points).

That being said, here's the top-30 list and their total points.

1. Everett 311; 2. Xaverian 231; 3. St. John's Prep 211; 4. Duxbury 195; 5. King Philip 191; 6/7. Mansfield and Nashoba Regional 182; 8. Central Catholic 179; 9. St. John's (S) 159; 10/11. Springfield Central/Holliston 143; 12. Melrose 135; 13. Bridgewater-Raynham 116; 14. Tewksbury 111; 15. Reading 108; 16. BC High 107; 17/18/19. Catholic Memorial/Dennis-Yarmouth/North Attleboro 104; 20. Marshfield 91.

Tewksbury finished as the state champions in 2013, state finalists in 2011 and 2018 and were in the MaxPreps Top-25 six times, including 2013 (3), 2014 (14), 2017 (15), 2018 (7) 2019 (20).

On a sidenote, the Redmen were also among one of the top 50 schools in the state to be nominated as having the best 'football helmet'. Currently, there's 43 states involved in this contest.

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