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FRANKLIN – Back on June 29th, the MIAA Tournament Management Committee met for over three-hours to discuss future alignments for football and ice hockey. In the end, the proposed divisional alignments, which would be set in place starting in the Fall of 2021, was voted down due to the conflict over the committee's 'methodology in forming the alignments'.

The TMC did approve the committee's proposal in girls' ice hockey for two divisions, along with their alignment plans.

The football committee presented an eighth division plan which was approved by the TMC, but the specific alignment for which divisions would be placed was turned down.

According to the Boston Herald, Wellesley's Athletic Director John Brown couldn't understand why programs like Wachusett Regional and Shrewsbury, that have such high enrollment numbers, were being placed in Division 2, and not D1.

The Herald also stated that Burlington High AD Shaun Hart, said that the appeals process for teams to seek higher or lower placement, "is supposed to be consistent across the board, and by placing teams on their own the football committee was taking steps outside of its authority.” The Herald went on to say that, “The most common example used was Chelsea, which should be placed in Division 1 based on straight criteria, but was in Division 8 under the proposed alignment by the football committee."

“As an athletic director of a school it should be my choice whether I want to opt-up a division or look to appeal down,” Hart said in the Herald story. “Individual programs should decide. Teams should not be arbitrarily placed.”

The motion to approve the football divisional alignments was voted down 11-5, with one abstention. The TMC approved the football committee’s proposal for an eight-week regular season with a 16-team statewide tournament bracket across the eight divisions, according to the Herald.

In boys hockey, the TMC approved the committee’s proposal for four divisions but again there was disagreement on both sides with the placing of teams in certain divisions.

The Ice Hockey Committee sent surveys out to each school and 143 schools responded with their desired divisional placement. Of those 143, 17 schools were being moved down a division by the committee without those schools going through the proper designated TMC appeals process.

The motion to approve the boys’ hockey divisional alignments was voted down 9-6, with one abstention.

It appears as if the next meeting will be in the middle of July.


Former WHS Girls' Basketball coach Jay Keane was named the MIAA's Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year, after guiding the first-year Malden Catholic team into the state tournament. The team was made up of freshmen and sophomores and finished 16-6, advancing to the Division 4 North Sectional semi-finals.

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