BOSTON – A total of 31 locals, who have been anxiously awaiting for the past 30 months to take part in the 125th annual Boston Marathon were able to compete Monday morning in the first event that was not held in April due to COVID-19.

Yet, the 18,000 runners, down from over the usual 30K, took on the 26.2 mile trek in rather warmer temperatures, which rose to the mid 60s, after the morning started out with some drizzle.

Over the past few months, the Town Crier has featured different local runners, who were participating and raising money for different causes, and those people including Wilmington's Jennifer Stewart, Tom Goodwin and Carin Bennett-Rizzo, all finished, while in Tewksbury, veterans Mike Doherty and Lisa Maciel also once again crossed the finish line. Doherty raised $41K for Boston Children's Hospital, and Maciel finished her 14th Boston Marathon, an incredible feat.

Speaking of incredible feat, of the 31 local participants, Wilmington's Jill Chisholm, 50, the original President of the Wilmington Based Sole Sisters Running Club, finished third in her division, 310th out of females and 2,280th overall with her blazing time of 3:07.28.

Following Chisholm from Wilmington included: Dana Calumby (3:14.21), Simonetta Piergentilli (3:28.43), high school track and cross-country coach Brian Schell (3:53.56), Julie Barrett (4:09.27), Junhua Shen (4:19.06), Jessica Stryhalaleck (4:31.21), Jocelyn Sullivan, who is featured in this week's edition (4:32.16), Thomas Goodwin (4:32.25), Christie Liew Josefowski (5:06.42), Jennifer Stewart (5:18.24), Samantha Pellegrini (5:30.05), Christopher Josefowski (5:39.51), Daniel Buckelew (5:57.22), Carin Bennett-Rizzo (6:00.14) and Kristine Norris (6:37.25).

Of those 16, Goodwin is the youngest at age 20 and Piergentilli, a 20-year-something veteran of the marathon is the eldest of the group at age 57. She was also 17th in her age division.

In Tewksbury, the top finisher was 35-year-old Nichole Staude, who came in at 3:20.29. She was followed by veterans Fil Faria (3:22.50), Kevin Christie (3:36.01) and Maciel (3:51.39) and then came newcomer Pat Wild (4:08.27), who is featured in this week's edition.

After that came Doherty at 4:10.01, Cindy Ponte at 4:14.18, Kathy Charbonnier at 4:15.21, Brendan Stapleton at 4:39.26, Amy Zani at 4:57.11, Paul King at 5:06.53, Jonathan Dugan at 5:09.11, Jake DeSantis at 5:10.04, Adam Savage at 5:11.02 and Kimberly Lannon at 6:22.35.

Christie was 127th in his division. At 63, he is the eldest of the Tewksbury runners, while, Wild, 22, was the youngest.

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