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WILMINGTON — On May 22, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Brand updated the School Committee on a number of staffing changes in the district.

Brand announced that Ken Lord will assume the role of Director of Informational Technology and Digital Lear­ning, effective July 1 and pending successful contract negotiations. Lord is currently the Executive Director of Technology and Operations of the Marblehead Public School system.

In a letter to the community, Brand detailed Lord’s 25 years of public education ex­perience, which has included the planning a 1:1 Chrome­book program launch at Marblehead High School.

Brand also announced that the Woburn Street School As­sistant Principal Search is ongoing, and that interviews were taking place the week of May 20. He said that new­ly appointed Principal Suz­anne Sullivan would be in­volved in the search process.

In a final staffing announce­ment, Brand stated that, due to budgetary support from the School Committee, the dis­trict has created the position of Director of Education.

“This role… will oversee the development and coordination of district-wide special education programming to meet the needs of our students here in the district,” said Brand.

He added that this role will assist the Director of Stu­dent Support Services.

In addition to staff an­nounce­ments, Brand also de­tailed steps the committee would be taking to correct a recent procedural error. Ac­cording to Brand, an executive session that took place on May 2 for the purpose of hearing a WTA grievance was not properly announced.

“The agenda was properly prepared and forwarded to town hall, as is the protocol that we routinely take,” Brand said. “Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the public notice of the meeting was never posted.”

He noted that the burden of error was on his office and the committee, and that the committee would be reconvening in executive session for the purpose of hearing the WTA grievance again.

Finally, Brand suggested that the district consider including a middle school student representative to report at meetings in future school years, in addition to the high school student representative role that currently exists.

The committee reaction to the suggestion was generally favorable, with a few questions about scheduling logistics.

“I think the more we can get our students involved in this, the better. The more en­gagement, the better,” said committee vice chair Steve Bjork.

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