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WILMINGTON — Chiro­practor Dr. Michael Thomas has resumed his practice with the help of his daughter Dr. Katelyn Thomas as of March 1 since he closed in October of 2018. According to Dr. Kate­lyn Thomas, her fa­ther had open-heart surgery on Oct. 31 and just re­cently re-opened his practice as his health is back in a good place.

Dr. Michael Thomas has been a chiropractor for over 40 years, operating from his own house in Wilmington be­fore he moved his practice in 1989 to 200 Jefferson Road Suite 106. He has four children including Katelyn — the others being his oldest, Kris­ten; Katelyn’s twin, Kim­ber­ly; and his youngest son, Michael Jr.

Dr. Katelyn Thomas shared that she found her desire to be a chiropractor as she grew up immersed in her father’s business.

“As I got older I realized that not everybody went to a chiropractor,” she said. “I saw a vast discrepancy be­tween modern medicine and natural healthcare.”

Now, it’s her profession of choice as she creates a clear path to step into her father’s shoes.

Katelyn Thomas graduated from Wilmington High School in 2002 with a dream of using her hands to help people in a natural approach to being healthy. She got her undergraduate degree from the Uni­versity of New Hampshire before moving to the New York Chiropractic College for both her doctorate in chiroprac­tic and Master’s in Anatomy.

Finishing at NYCC, Thom­as moved to Seattle to start learning chiropractic techniques in actual practice.

“It was good for me to spread my wings and work for a couple of different lar­ger group practices,” she con­tinued. “It was easier for me to learn about running a business and how different chiropractors run their practice.”

She described her time in Washington as a period full of personal and professional growth, where she learned what she wanted to do and what she didn’t want to do from experience.

After nine years, she decided to come home to Wilming­ton to help her father reopen his practice when he was ready to return to work. Now, she’s grateful for the opportunity to be learning firsthand at her father’s practice. She explained that Dr. Mi­chael Thomas has extremely specialized skill as one of the only applied kinesiologists in the country.

While Dr. Michael Thomas resumes his practice, his daughter is shadowing him when he’s there and taking clients on her own time when he’s not. The pair enjoys working together as Dr. Kate­lyn Thomas gets to know the intimate details of the job and the patients.

Thomas expressed her gra­titude for her father’s existing patients who have be­come like second family as she’s looking for more pa­tients to see.

“We’re also extending our hours,” she added.

Her number one priority right now is to be able to step in and take care of people as well as Dr. Michael Thomas has.

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