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WILMINGTON — Aaron Dancewicz, Wilmington resident and high school senior, was previously reported raising funds for his Eagle Scout Service Project, which is raising money for Veterans Af­fairs and buying flagpoles to set up in the town common.

Dancewicz is currently taking donations via his GoFundMe page, which states: “Military Flag Pole Display for Wilming­ton Ma” and has currently raised $1,880 of his $7,500 goal.

When asked what drew him to the cause of Vet­erans Affairs and the flagpoles, Dancewicz explain­ed:

“Lou, who is in the picture on the GoFundMe page, reached out to my mom, who is a nurse at the Bedford Veterans Af­fairs Medical Center, also known as the Edith Nourse Memorial Veterans Hospi­tal, with the idea of flagpoles on the common and suggested it as an Eagle Scout project, since he knew I was working tow­ards it. We met up in Au­gust to discuss details and I decided that would be a great idea for a project.”

His journey to becoming an Eagle Scout has been busy.

“It’s been a lot of paperwork and research of pricing different things,” he said. “I’ve set up the page, and reached out to different local organizations. Once the fundraising is done, there’s more paperwork to get approved by the Eagle Board of Re­view, and if I fail, I may have to start over.

Among his biggest challenges so far have been “getting my fundraising project approved, (as) my application was on hold for a month. The page has been out for over a month, and I’m only 37 percent of the way to my goal.”

However, those challen­ges reap success, as he ex­plained:

“Mainly being able to get big donations that help towards the cause. David Robertson paid for half of one pole, which is $350. I’ve reached out to over 30 organizations asking for donations or support, and the Elks have been the only one to re­spond so far. They saw the flyer I sent them, agreed to donate at least $1,000, and one person within that organization is challenging people to donate.”

Dancewicz credits his parents when talking about who has been among his biggest support in this project.

“My dad has been really proud of me for doing this and making sure I’m on track and on top of what I need to do. He decided not to go for the Eagle Scout Rank when he was in scouting, so he has been encouraging me and my brother to become Eagle Scouts. My mom has also been a huge support.’

When it comes to “What comes next?” Aaron can’t rise higher than Eagle Scout in scouting.

“There really isn’t much more I can do in Scouting after rising to the rank of Eagle, but I hope to continue volunteering.”

In terms of advice he has to others who wish to pursue Eagle Scout Rank, Aaron advises choosing a realistic project that you’re passionate about.

“Just get it done, choose a project that is obtainable and that you like, it’s all dependent on raising money, and I definitely procrastinated on a few of the steps.”

Dancewicz also mentioned what the community of Wilmington can do to support his cause.

“As of now, the best thing that can be done to support is to donate to the GoFundMe. This project will take a while, as there is currently a 4-6 week shipping delay for flagpoles.”

Dancewicz and his pursuit of Eagle Scout rank is one of many examples of the Wilmington youth of today who will someday shape the future with their hard work, passion for community and public service, and creativity, and he is wished the best of luck in his endeavors.

His GoFundMe page can be found at this link:

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