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WILMINGTON — At the Board of Selectmen meeting Monday night, presentations were made for the tree lighting and Verizon cable license before the board re­ceived communications and voted upon several appointments.

Chairman of the 4th of July Committee Patrick Giroux asked the board to approve the use of the town common for the tree lighting ceremony at 4 p. m. on Dec. 4. He assured residents that Santa Claus would be visiting this year and arriving via fire engine.

He also shared all of the groups who would be volunteering that night: Shawsheen Tech students, WHS cheerleaders, a WHS a cappella group, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and the Wilmington Min­utemen. He included that crowding inside would be mitigated and lighting provided by Public Works.

Selectman Greg Ben­del asked about a hopeful 4th of July celebration this year. Giroux answered that they hoped to finally celebrate the 40th anniversary in 2022 with four days of events. He mentioned that the 4th of July Committee is looking for extra hands in their ongoing preparations.

The board then ap­proved Giroux’s request to hold the tree lighting.

The next presentation was made by Assistant Town Manager/HR Di­rector Kelly Colburn-Dion for the renewal of the Verizon Cable li­cense. She explained that the Cable TV Ad­visory Task Force was tasked with carrying out the renewal process in­cluding the public hearing and negotiating with Verizon on behalf of the board. The representatives on the committee besides Colburn-Dion are George Breslin, Ka­ren Campbell, Ken Lorde, Ryan Malyar, and John O’Neil.

She shared the guidance that the board re­ceived from legal counsel and declared their intention to continue to request the same operating support. She added that the public hearing would take place on Nov. 15 at 6 p. m. in the Town Hall auditorium, with the town encouraged to attend. After that, the terms of agreement would be subject to the board and Verizon’s corporate management.

Town Manager Jeff Hull had sent four items in communications to the board to cover that night. The first announ­ced the appointment of Beth Lawrenson as Town Clerk. Lawrenson would be moving up after serving as temporary town clerk since Sept. 14. Hull mentioned that Lawren­son started as the Senior Clerk for Planning and Conservation in 2012 and transferred to the town clerk’s office in 2016.

The next was a recommendation to ratify Law­renson as the town’s Public Records Access Of­ficer. This is one of many roles performed by the town clerk. The board later voted unanimously to approve.

He had also written to the board seeking guidance on a date for a special Town Meeting. He explained that the Wild­wood School MSBA project needed funding for the feasibility study by March 28, which would be before the annual Town Meeting, and proposed the meeting on either March 7 or 8.

He favored the Wil­ming­ton High School auditorium for the meeting, with the Shriner’s auditorium as backup. When he asked the board for feedback, Judy O’Con­nell suggested that Mon­day the 7th might be hard, so the 8th was selected as the better option.

Hull’s last memo was an update on the Wild­wood School Building Committee. He shared that the committee had met the week before and provided the MSBA with an education profile and enrollment projections. Their next task was to submit information on maintenance and the capital investment plan.

The only other memo came from DPW Direc­tor Mike Woods and Business and Utility Mana­ger Joseph Lobao regar­ding the Per- and Poly­fluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS, test result from the Sargent Water Treatment Plant exceeding the suggested amount from Mass DEP and their required action of notifying the public.

The board then approv­ed two requests from Director of Veterans’ Services Lou Cimaglia to use the town common for Veterans’ Day ceremonies on Nov. 11 and to light the common green in November to support veterans.

In a public comment, Frank West promoted the Boy Scout and Cub Scout Pack 136 letter writing event at the Mason Hall on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 11 a. m. to 2 p.m. He extended the in­vitation to the public to come by and support local veterans.

Bendel gave a shoutout to the recreation department, the fire department, and the police department for helping to put together the Hor­ribles Parade in an an­nouncement. He also took a moment to ac­knowledge the passing of coach Mark Donovan, who served as the wrest­ling coach for the Shaw­sheen Tech.

Hull announced a warn­ing from Mass DEP about the 9th human case of West Nile Virus in Massachusetts, who was from Middlesex County. He suggested looking on the town website for steps to avoid catching the virus, especially while Wilmington is in the moderate risk category.

The Salute to Service went out to Richard H. Grinder Jr., who served in the U.S. Army for 14.5 years beginning in June of 1954. Bendel shared that he and his wife raised their family in Wilmington and were actively involved in the Wilmington Congrega­tional Church.

The Board of Select­men will meet next on Monday, Nov. 8 at 7 p. m.

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