Tewksbury Piecemakers Quilt Guild members show off a 50th anniversary quilt

Tewksbury Piecemakers Quilt Guild members show off a 50th anniversary quilt made by Carol Calistro. The guild is holding their 27th annual quilt show at the Tewksbury Senior Center on June 1 and 2. Pictured are Cam Michallyszyn, Kathy Graham, Pat Wolf, and Carol Calistro.                                                (Paige Impink photo)

TEWKSBURY — Foun­ded in 1990, the Tewksbury Piecemakers Quilt Guild is gearing up for its 27th annual quilt show. Held at the Tewksbury Senior Cen­ter on June 1 and 2nd from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. both days, it is open to the public.

The event, boasting quilts of all sizes and showcasing the handwork of so many resident artisans, is the sig­nature outreach event for the 115-member guild. The show will have quilting items for sale, a pop-up shop of quilting fabric, and numerous raffles, including a giant 100”x100” Chantilly pat­tern red, white and blue quilt, machine quilted and coordinated by Terry Mari­mone.

The group gathers once per month at the Tewksbury Sen­ior Center for meetings, then connects on the other Tues­days for work groups. Giving back is a core tenet of the group, collecting items for the food pantry, making quilts for a host of charities, and focusing their efforts on comfort and warmth, the essence of what a quilt can provide.

Pat Wolf, president of the Piecemakers, said there are members from all over the area, but the group is mostly made up of Tewksbury residents.

“We even have a gentleman member,” said Wolf. “There are many mother and daugh­ter pairs in the group, as well.”

Visitors are welcomed to any of their meetings, she said.

Carol Calistro has been in­volved since the beginning.

“The Baptist church in Tewksbury used to have quil­ting lessons and a show, and this group grew out of that,” she said. “We really enjoyed the camaraderie.”

The Piecemakers have a large quilt at the Tewksbury Public Library and an even bigger one in the lobby of the Tewksbury State Hos­pital. They encourage people to visit the State Hospital quilt as it depicts many historical sites in Tewksbury.

“It’s really quite magnificent,” said Calistro.

In addition to quilts and raffles, the event offers soup and sandwiches. Quilting guilds from all over the area are invited and it is a huge draw.

“We welcome all ages,” said Wolf.

The quilts are so beautiful the biggest challenge, be­sides hanging and displaying them, is keeping people from touching them. The group has cheery notes to gently remind visitors not to touch, as these are considered works of art and can be soiled by hands. In fact, the guild would welcome volunteers to help with setup and white-gloved management of the quilts during the show.

For more information, contact the Piecemakers at www.tewksburypiecemakers.com

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