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WILMINGTON — This Tues­day night, the Wilming­ton Police Department is excited to welcome Wil­mington and surrounding town residents of all ages to meet the people serving them as police and federal law enforcement officers. WPD is hosting National Night Out at Rotary Park on Aug. 6 from 5 - 8 p.m. so that residents can learn more about how their public service officers work in their community and get to know them on a personal level.

Wilmington Traffic Officer Matt Stavro has been coordinating National Night Out this year as part of WPD’s commitment to community programs. National Night Out is an individual event that any city or town police department can host as a way to promote police-community relations.

“This was one of the things we wanted to institute when we got the Cummings Grant back in 2014,” Stavro shared.

This year makes the sixth year of Wilmington’s participation. The group coordinating this event alongside Stavro are Brian Moon, Paul Chalifour, Dan Murray, and Butch Alpers.

As they take advantage of the freedom to run the event however works best for Wil­mington, they look forward to bringing in extra federal law enforcement officers.

“People don’t realize a lot of the federal agencies that we work with,” Stavro continued.

Agencies that are joining WPD on Tuesday night in­clude the FBI, the ATF, U.S. Postal Inspectors, Federal Reserve Police, U.S. Cus­toms, the Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, Low­ell EMS, Veterans Affairs Police, and k-9 units from the Middlesex Sheriff Depart­­ment and Chelmsford Police Department.

There, these officers will get the chance to teach the people of Wilmington and the surrounding community about how they work for them. While Stavro does a fair amount of inviting them, he mentioned that over the years these officers check in with him early to make sure that National Night Out is happening again.

“They really enjoy the op­portunities to interact with people; a lot of them don’t get the chance to sit down with the public on the community level.”

Wilmington police also will be supported by the Reading and Woburn police departments.

At the same time as they’re outside chatting with residents or being available for everything from tours to ve­hicle displays to CPR simulations, police officers will be maintaining safety through­out the night on Tuesday.

“It’s similar to working the Fun on the Fourth festival. We’ll have close to 20 officers working in a law en­forcement role at the same time as they’re working the event,” Stavro said.

They expect between six and eight hundred people to stop by throughout the even­ing on Tuesday for the chance to meet and learn from their police officers while having fun as a family in the community.

The team of Wilmington and surrounding law enforce­ment officers encourage residents to bring their questions and concerns as they enjoy special parts of the night like the National Guard helicopter landing, the dunk tank, bouncy houses, ice cream, and dinner from the Red Heat Tavern.

For updates, residents can look to the WPD Facebook page at and Na­tional Night Out event page

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