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WILMINGTON — The Wilmington School Com­mittee publicly shared their evaluation of Su­per­intendent Dr. Glenn Brand at a meeting on April 24.

By law, the School Com­mittee must publicly share its annual performance evaluation of the Su­perintendent of Schools. As a first year superintendent, Brand was evaluated based on both the goals established in his entry plan and progress markers for the district as a whole.

“I truly believe as a com­mittee and as an administrative team we have been very transparent about this pro­cess,” said committee Chair Julie Broussard.

She noted that the committee had been “very consistent” in its evaluations of Brand. She stated that consolidation of each individual member’s ratings into one final document was performed by a subcommittee, but that the pro­cess was very smooth due to the general agreement of the members.

Brand was evaluated by the committee with respect to four categories: Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Com­munity Engagement, and Pro­fessional Culture. Options for potential ratings included un­satisfactory, needs improvement, proficient, and exemplary; Brand scored “proficient” in every category.

Each category had more spe­cific sub-goals, each of which the committee said Brand had either “met” or made “significant progress” toward meeting.

Comments added by committee members noted that Brand “…has spearheaded many initiatives to make sure our curriculum is align­ed to state frameworks and is meeting the needs of all learners.”

Additionally, the committee was in agreement that “…fa­mily and community en­gage­ment is an area of strength for Superintendent Brand,” noting his emails and other correspondence with families in the district and his interactions with students and families in many different situations.

The entire document is available on the superintendent’s page on the Wilming­ton Public Schools website.

Committee member MJ Byrnes made note of the stability that the district has experienced this year.

“I know it wasn’t an easy task walking into Wilmington but we are grateful for all the work you have done this year,” said Byrnes.

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