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WILMINGTON — Edu­cators in Wilmington are currently pursuing several professional development opportunities.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Brand outlined the Inclusive Practices In­stitute, a program sponsored by the Depart­ment of Education beginning on Oct. 24. Accor­ding to Brand, the institute is an intensive program that consists of a large amount of instructional time.

“It all is aiming for the purpose of building our capacity here in the district to implement the Department of Educa­tion’s foundations of in­clusive practices course, and it centers around professional development,” said Brand.

Committee member Da­vid Ragsdale spoke positively about the opportunity.

“I think this is a great opportunity and I appreciate that the people who are attending this are ma­king the commitment to bring (this) knowledge and (these) practices back to our district,” said Ragsdale.

In addition to this institute, Brand stated that the schedule had been an­nounced for the full-day professional development program to be held in the district on Nov. 5. Accor­ding to Brand, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Brian Regan and members of the professional development committee had come up with the course offerings, which range from social media and student anxiety, to executive planning and technology.

Committee member MJ Byrnes noted that the in­terdisciplinary nature of the sessions tied back to other committee goals.

“I see how each of them can go back to the strategic plan that we’re doing and building those foundations within our classrooms,” Byrnes said.

Ragsdale also spoke po­sitively of the offerings. He noted that many of the instructors came from within the district, and that there was much expertise present in town. He asked why there was not a technology session related to the use of Chrome­books in the classroom.

According to Regan, new director of technology Ken Lord had very minimal time from taking on the role until when a plan would have been needed complete for such a presentation.

“It really was short time, Ken really didn’t get in meeting with (the instructional technology integration specialists) until after school had started,” said Regan. “We weren’t able to pull that together the way we wanted to, this round.”

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