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WILMINGTON — John Cassabria had no idea his enthusiasm for his work and his love for animals would intersect when he set out for work one Aug­ust day.

Cassabria had recently moved from Connecticut to Lawrence and works at Zoo Station in Wilmington, an Amazon delivery service partner.

Cassabria was delivering packages in a Woburn neigh­borhood in early August when he heard a strange noise.

“I’m just a very inquisitive person by nature. I like to know things just to know them, because know­ledge is power,” he said.

According to an Amazon press release: “John open­ed his van door to get closer to, and identify the sound, which led him to a fence of a residence. John’s heart started racing as he noticed a dog’s muzzle barely sticking up from the water of an in-ground swim­ming pool. In a mo­ment of quick thinking and bias for action, John dove into the pool to rescue the dog. It was then that John realized the dog was elderly and couldn’t help himself and was exhausted from trying to stay afloat for an unknown amount of time. John was neck deep in the pool and was able to hoist the dog out and to safety.”

Cassabria said that when he saw the dog in the wa­ter, “I imagined the worst possible scenario and prepared myself for that.”

The homeowners were va­cationing on Cape Cod, so Cassabria stayed with the dog — 14-year-old husky Luka — for an hour and a half before animal control arrived at the house. The animal control officer happened to live in the neighborhood and was able to call the owners to update them on the situation.

Cassabria was able to speak with the owners to assure them Luka was alright, and they “thanked him profusely”... la­ter writing “a note of sincere gratitude to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos,” according to the press release.

“Animals are my life and I can’t imagine what I’d do if my dog was in Luka’s situation,” said Cassabria.

Cassabria is a longtime animal lover; he grew up with both dogs and cats, and now has two cats, a dog, and a snake.

“I love working as an Amazon delivery driver and I am so thankful the universe placed me in a position to save Luka’s life,” he said. “My parents are my heroes... I’d love readers to know that you don’t need a cape... to be a hero, anyone can be a hero.”

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