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WILMINGTON — May 4th’s Town Meeting suggestions include but are not limited to amendments to the inclusionary zoning by-law, updated equipment at schools and public safety buildings, potential re­zoning, and the moving of funds for a number of oth­er purposes. The booklet from the Finance Commit­tee and Planning Board es­timates that for fiscal year 2019 there will be $116,404,824 in town funds available.

The recommendations al­so contain the proposed bud­get for town expenses and salaries of several town officers and departments. Residents can look at fiscal year 2018 expenditures compared to recommendations from the Town Manager and Finance Committee for 2019. The total proposed budget is $119,458,799 be­tween salaries for elected of­ficials and town employees, in every service from schools to veterans.

New equipment is being proposed in the Police De­partment, Fire Depart­ment, and DPW for new vehicles; above ground fuel tanks for the DPW; a camera system and a fire alerting system in the Pub­lic Safety Building; and a new furnace at the Wilmington Middle School. There are also proposed new laptops, projectors, whiteboards, and PA systems at all different schools in town.

In construction, there’s an article devoted to granite curbing on Middlesex Avenue; an article to make sure the town complies with the Municipal Separ­ate Storm Sewer System; an article to put sidewalks on Shady Lane; and an article suggesting the reconstruction of part of the Woburn Street School parking lot.

Next, there’s a proposal to purchase a new data center for the school district and a lot of places for money to be allocated into new accounts. There are recommendations to move money to the Other Post Employment Liability Trust Fund, Capital Stabili­zation Fund, Employee Re­tirement Benefits, and the new PEG Access and Cable Related Special Revenue Fund. Then there’s money to be paid to the Middlesex Re­tirement System and the Road Surface Crack Sealing in addition to renewal payments for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion Clubhouses.

As always, the recommendations suggest putting aside money for the 4th of July, Veterans’ Day, and Memorial Day celebrations. Then there are new streets to be officially accepted: Mink Run Road and Pomfret Road. Another article is devoted to releasing the results of Adam J. Silva’s score on the civil service entry-level firefighter exam.

Other improvements suggested are changes to the town’s inclusionary zoning by-law. The full list of chan­ges can be read in the recommendations but includes specifying a maximum density of eight units per acre; for all 55+ housing to in­clude at least 15 percent affordable units; and new sec­tions covering purpose and intent, applicability, siting and de­sign, marketing and affordability, and more. Every­thing up to this point is recommended for approval.

The only places where the Finance Committee and Planning Board don’t ap­prove are for two rezoning articles and one article suggesting the Board of Sel­ectmen sell Lot 59. Sugges­ted rezoning pertains to 47 and 54 McDonald Road and 14 and 17 Royal St., for all parcels to change from Re­sidential 60 to Residential 10.

Finally, Lot 59, formally known as Park Road, was determined unnecessary for municipal purposes by the Town Manager.

The complete recommendations are available and al­ready have been mailed to all residents. The packet also contains a reminder for residents to vote on Sat­urday, Ap­ril 27. Voting for pre­cincts 1 and 2 will take place at the Boutwell School, precincts 3 and 4 at the Wildwood Street School, and precincts 5 and 6 at the Town Hall Auditorium. The Town Meeting on Satur­day, May 4 will start at 10:30 a.m. in the WHS Auditorium.

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