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The Board of Selectmen decided on May 28 to table a discussion on a Town Meet­ing scheduling review committee, as discussions about how to best represent different stakeholder groups continue.

Town Manager Jeff Hull has recommended that the Town Meeting committee be folded into the job de­scription of the Inhabitant Bylaw Committee, due to overlap both in responsibility and membership. Hull stated that, while some mem­bers on the Inhabitant Bylaw Committee expres­sed interest in also participating in a standalone com­mittee to discuss Town Meeting, at least two members specifically said they would only like to serve on one.

Board Chair Greg Bendel noted that he would like to see Director of Elderly Ser­vices Terry Marciello be included, in order to represent the interest of seniors in town. Selectman Kevin Caira added that the Board had favored also including Beverly Dalton, due to her existing role in organizing and scheduling for Town Meeting.

Caira added that he would like to see a list of everybody currently in consideration for both committees, before taking a vote on combining them.

“Are we forcing (Marci­ello and Dalton) to serve on something they don’t want to serve on,” said Caira, “but yet we would like for them to be on that Town Meeting review committee.”

Hull suggested that the potential existed for Mar­ciello and Dalton to be included in Inhabitant By­law Committee discussion without needing to be full voting members of the committee, which would allow them to participate in just the discussion of interest. At the request of the Board, Hull said that he would gather the list of names of individuals in­volved in both committees, and take note of their interest in serving on either or both.

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