WILMINGTON — Last Friday, May 10, Mike Burns was named the 2019 Wil­mington Good Guy at the 51st annual Good Guy Din­ner. Burns was honored at the dinner with several ac­colades, as well as a “roast.”

Burns is a member of several local organizations, as well as an active volunteer. Notably, his is an active member of the Rotary Club, where he was formerly the President. He is re­s­ponsible for organizing the Rotary Club’s annual Ice Bucket Challenge, which benefits ALS research and the Angel Fund.

He has also been a member of the Wilmington Rec­reation Commission, where past notable events include portraying Santa Claus at community events over the years. Any profits he made were donated to charity.

Burns also serves on the Wilmington Community Tele­vision (WCTV) Board of Di­rectors. He has hosted nu­merous events for the channel, such as Wilmington’s 275th anniversary Parade, and Fun on the Fourth festivities on Independence Day.

Also, Burns was the primary person responsible for the #1978/6 lawn signs around town, intended to bring awareness to the ex­tent of the current drug and alcohol problem within the local and state communities. These lawn signs represent the number of fatal drug overdoses in Massa­chusetts from the year 2017 (1978), and the number of fatal drug overdoses first responders attended to in Wilmington (6).

20 former Good Guys were in attendance at the dinner, as well as many of Burns’ family and friends. The Good Guy Committee’s award was presented to Burns by his predecessor, 2018 Good Guy Dianna DiGregorio.

Also among those in at­tendance at the dinner were State Representative Dave Robertson, and State Sena­tor Bruce Tarr. Both Rob­ertson and Tarr spoke highly of Burns at the “roast,” and each presented him a citation; one from the House, and one from the Senate.

“Behind the scenes, you have people like Mr. Burns who go out each and every day with a mission for the greater good. It’s volunteers like Mike that make Wilmington Wilmington,” said Robertson. “As a youn­ger person, seeing folks like Mike is inspiring. It makes me and others want to give back to the community.”

Other people that contributed to the “roast” were Burns’ sons, Doug and Chris, Town Manager Jeff Hull, and several of Burns’ friends.

In response to receiving this honor, Burns emphasized the importance of com­munity involvement, ad­vocating that it was a positive influence within his own life and relationships.

“I got a lot more out of volunteering than I ever gave. If you’re not involved in the community, I strong­ly suggest that you get involved with different or­ganizations or programs. It’s very rewarding, very satisfying. I had the opportunity to meet terrific people and make wonderful lasting friendships,” Burns said in his acceptance speech. “This is such a wonderful honor. I feel humbled. I am honored by your presence.”

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