WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Community Market on Swain Green played host to the RMLD Electric Vehicle show this weekend, bringing dozens of residents from Wilmington and surrounding communities to­gether to showcase their vehicles and enthusiasm.

Dennis Munsie of Wil­mington loves the tech aspect of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E he purchased.

“I found it at a dealer and have been very hap­py with the car,” said Mun­sie.

As part of the market’s regular Sunday offering, the Reading Municipal Light Department, a distributor of electricity to customers in Reading, North Reading, Wilming­ton, and Lynnfield Cen­ter, organized the event.

According to the RMLD website, RMLD is the largest of the 41 municipal light departments in Massachusetts with re­gard to electricity load, is not-for-profit, and is lo­cally owned and controlled. RMLD is governed by a 5-member Board of Commissioners elected by Reading voters.

This is the second year that RMLD has brought the show to the Wilming­ton Farmers Market.

“We reach out to dealers and our customers to participate,” said RMLD communications manager Julie Blackley.

The show attracted visitors from Wilmington and surrounding communities. Some patrons were already electric vehicle owners and some were interested in possibly purchasing an EV in the future.

Bob Herrmann of Gro­ton, a hybrid vehicle own­er, was interested in the Ford F-150 all electric Lightning pickup truck that was on display. Herrmann said that the vehicles were hard to get and that unless a consumer is willing to pay thousands over asking price, the decision to purchase would have to wait.

Dealers are creating waiting lists, so interested buyers should get their names and deposits on a list.

Range anxiety is a topic of conversation within the EV community and one that is a barrier, in addition to scarcity, to wider adoption. The all-electric vehicles drive range is always expanding, but in the meantime, drivers must locate a charging station to “refuel” their ve­hicle.

One exhibitor drove her Hyundai EV from Phoenix to Albuquerque, but had to go by way of Winslow, Ari­zona.

“There were no charging stations on the reservation I had to drive through,” said the owner.

Maps and apps do provide access to a network of charging stations so drivers can plan ahead. Most owners described just charging their vehicles to 80 percent to sufficiently continue their journey. This type of charging can take 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the speed of the charging station.

RMLD hopes to return to Wilmington next year and is very pleased to have partnered with the market.

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