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WILMINGTON — Last week, a series of cars were broken into in Wil­mington in the Columbia Street, Adams Street, and Allen Park area. After reaching out to the public for assistance in identifying the suspects, Wilmington Police ar­rested two individuals on Sept. 19 on charges related to the thefts.

The suspects, Jennifer Chavez-Hernandez age 24 of Chelsea, and Chris­topher Perez-Valladares, age 24 of Chelsea, were charged with five counts of violation of MGL 266/60/B Receiving Stolen Property less than $1,200 and numerous narcotics violation including MGL 94C/34/A Possession of Class A Drug – Fentanyl.

Around 4:35 a.m. on Sept. 19, officers respon­ded to a call of a male party approaching the caller’s vehicle, then walking away. The police were able to stop a vehicle while investigating. Based on this vehicle stop, numerous stolen items from vehicles in the neighborhood were located.

Items from a series of car break-ins in the neighborhood adjacent to Broad Street, as well as from car break-ins in the Columbia Street area on Sept. 18 were also lo­cated during this investigation.

In a press release published on Sept. 21, 2020, The Wilmington Police Department extended their thanks to the re­porting party, as well as the Wilmington community at large, for their help in the investigation.

Both suspects were scheduled to be arraign­ed in Woburn District Court on Monday, Sept. 21.

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