Greg Bendel

Greg Bendel (Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — Greg Bendel is running for re-election this year hoping to continue his service on the Board of Selectmen. Bendel was first elected to the board in 2016 and wants to keep serving and giving back to the Town of Wilmington in this role. He believes the things he’s learned in his first term make him an even better candidate for his po­tential second term.

From serving on the Board of Selectmen, Bendel has got­ten a really good grasp on what a selectman needs to do.

“In town, nothing gets done by just one person,” he wrote in an email. “Even when you disagree on an issue, you need to be able to work to­gether and find common ground for the betterment of the town.”

He’s spent his term learning that the position requires a lot of collaboration and pa­tience.

Besides giving people plenty of patience, Bendel has also treated the residents of this town with respect.

“I have spent as much time as I can reading and re­searching in addition to listening to residents,” he said. “As a selectman, people call me all the time, and when I am able to help them it makes it all worth it.”

He also takes pride in how he’s able to be a positive role model for young people.

He’s campaigning to hold onto his seat with a renewed commitment to keeping Wil­mington a great place to live, work, and start a family.

“When I first ran for selectman, Andrea and I had no chil­dren. Two years later we are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Grace,” Bendel wrote.

He is approaching this second campaign with a new perspective and renewed focus on the future of the town.

In looking out for the future of Wilmington, he sees how the Board of Selectmen should work hard to focus on funding for our schools, public safety departments, and economic development.

“Making sure we maintain a conservative budget so that we can continue to provide all of the services the town offers without fees would be a priority for me.”

He wants to support infrastructure projects that have been planned as part of the board like the intersection at Lowell Street and Woburn Street and the Butters Row Bridge. Then, there are updates to the elementary schools and senior center and the creation of a new fire substation to get to.

When he’s not participating in town as a selectman, he’s teaching at the Shawsheen Tech in Billerica or home with his wife and daughters. In the past, he served on the Housing Authority and the Wilmington 4.0 Campaign Committee. He’s volunteered with Relay for Life, Local Heroes, the Rotary Club, and the Brady foundation.

He currently leads a basketball team at the Shawsheen Tech; he’s a member of the Knights of Columbus; and he’s involved on the Shawsheen Tech Alumni Committee. Ben­del just started as the Board of Select­men’s representative on the Economic Development Com­mittee and wants to continue to serve in both of these capacities should he be re-elected.

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