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WILMINGTON — Wil­mington High School has switched to fully remote learning following a party held on Friday night, Oct. 23. About 30 students were in attendance at the party, where police were called to the scene. As many of the party attendees were not at the house at the time police arrived on scene, proper contact tracing could not be completed, contributing to the de­cision to go remote.

Police arrived at the scene in response to a 911 call about a girl in need of medical attention. It was determined that the girl, a minor, had consumed too much alcohol, and was treated by Wilmington Fire Department EMS.

In a statement released by Wilmington Police on Monday, it was said after responding to the 911 call: “It was relayed to the officers that the juvenile had been at another residence in town where there had been approximately 25 to 30 juveniles. Officers went to the other location in Wilmington and were able to determine that there had been an underage alcohol party at the residence while the parents were present inside of the home. Many of the juveniles had left the residence prior to the officer’s arrival, but a few re­main­ed on scene.

“Officers were not able to identify those who left the party, but the ones who remained stated that there had been approximately 25 to 30 juveniles at the residence in the en­closed basement prior to their arrival. Inside the base­ment the officers observed obvious signs of an underage drinking par­ty.”

The parents were present during the party, and have been arrested. The two individuals, a 47 year old man and 45 year old woman, both of Wilming­ton, will be arraigned at Wo­burn District Court with violation of Massachu­setts General Law Chap­ter 138 section 34 Furnish­ing Alcohol to a person un­der age of 21.

In addition to classes be­ing shifted fully online, all sports will be canceled for the next two weeks, per state protocol.

In an email sent out by Wilmington Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Glenn Brand, he noted that “ef­forts made by the Wil­ming­ton Board of Health to identify the other students at the party have been significantly limited due to lack of cooperation.”

Brand encouraged anyone with information as to who was in attendance at the party to reach out to the Wilmington Board of Health.

“This information, as well as my response to this situation, is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our students and community,” Brand said.

Wilmington’s period of remote learning began on Monday, Oct. 26, and is currently expected to last for two weeks, ending following the completion of the school day on Friday, Nov. 6. High needs students will still be able to attend in person programs.

Superintendent Brand could not be reached for additional comments as of press time.

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