One of Ashley Staab’s “Scrappy Hats”

One of Ashley Staab’s “Scrappy Hats” (Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — With the pandemic continuing to rage across the nation, many have taken up new hobbies or launched new businesses with their newfound free time at home. Former Wilmington resident Ashley Staab (nee Steen­bruggen) has decided to do just this, launching her business Scrap­py Hats specializing in children’s hats, including some with attached masks.

A 2004 graduate from Wil­mington High School, Staab created Scrappy Hats to fulfil a need for both her and her children. After struggling to find kid-approved, age-appropriate hats for her young children Sydney and Ryker, Staab decided to create them herself.

“I scoured the internet for hats that my kids would actually wear but also didn't make them look like infants or mini teenagers,” she said on her website’s “About” page. “So, in the dark months of quarantine, Scrappy Hats was born.”

The business’ “Scrappy” name also holds unique sentimental value to Staab and her family. Originating as a nickname for Staab from her late father Rick Steenbruggen, the logo for the company pays homage to him, using his handwriting from an old letter.

“My father was my number one supporter and believed that I could accomplish anything,” Staab said. “The nickname Scrappy illustrated his faith in me while al­so highlighting that it may not al­ways be pretty but with grit, wide eyes, and a big heart, you can get the job done.

To learn more about or shop at Scrappy Hats, they can be found on Insta­gram @thescrappyshop or on their website

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