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WILMINGTON — He’s been there and has seen it all: drug addiction and alcoholism.

Woburn native Brian Teague is alive and well and dead center in Wilmington in the fight to help victims of drugs and alcohol to restructure their lives in facilities in one’s own back yard.

A Woburn native and a graduate of Woburn Me­morial High School in 2008, Teague is on a mission to raise the consciousness of his native community, other communities and to offer an alternative to a bottomless way of life through providing support in many ways — the best being his Michael’s House in Wilmington and Patrick’s House in An­dover.

When he speaks, there is a strong emphasis on the facts a solution may be just around the corner or over the hill.

Teague is the Director of Michael’s House So­ber Living in Wilming­ton at 12 Federal St., just off Route 62 in the east side of town, as well as Patrick’s House So­ber Living in Andover. He also currently serves as the President and co-founder of Solutions Over Sickness, a local nonprofit specializing in the private treatment op­portunities to those seeking recovery from substance use disorders.

Teague shared with Wo­burn Rotarians his own struggles with alcohol and drugs, but realized, “I ex­pected a lot more from myself. Inside, things look­ed good but then I be­gan to be ostracized by younger friends. I went through a program and then I came to the position that I was looking back. I was doing well professionally but there was more.”

“It was a case of going forward,” he added, “so a non-profit to address these issues was the answer.”

The next thing to do, he felt, was to get involved and get a program locally.

“We (I) look at the problem on the whole,” he concluded, then moved forward with a program, facilities, counseling etc. to help those addicted.

Going forward…

In addition to his own initiatives, he serves locally as a board member for the Woburn Community Education Foundation. Then, there’s Michael’s House.

As an example, Mi­chael’s House is a men’s structured sober living facility committed to providing a safe, positive, individually accountable, post 12-Step rehabilitation environment.

Guests at Michael’s House are given the op­portunity to overcome their affliction(s) of alcoholism and drug addiction by way of the 12-Step of Alcoholics Anonymous pro­gram. Utilizing this practical program action, guests are encouraged to positively progress through both personal and spiritual development.

Enforcing a strict “zero tolerance” policy towards using, Michael’s House al­so helps foster personal accountability while em­phasizing the importance of fellowship and community.

Basically, Michael’s House supports Solutions Over Sickness, a public family support group for the loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. Group mem­bers have the opportunity to hear the stories of ad­dicts in recovery, ask questions and participate in meaningful dialogue.

In addition, members will have opportunities to participate in the 12-Step experience.

Similar support comes at Patrick’s House in Ando­ver that opened its doors in May 2019. Guests are permitted to transition to Andover after three months of demonstrating right action at Michael’s House in a so-called “step down” process.

The comforts of modern amenities and the convenience of structured sober living is the goal.

Teague is using his ex­pertise and experiences to bring sanity to the life of all these individuals. He is a graduate of UMass Lo­well with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology where he he was Magna Cum Laude in 2012-2013. He also received his Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University, where he served as the student body commencement speak­er for the Sawyer Busi­ness School in May of 2019.

Teague currently resides in Charlestown with his fiancee.

Michael’s House/Ando­ver House provides the sup­port, compassion and education treatment, consulting, physicians, residential therapists, nurse, and group support to overcome the addictions.

In turn, the program ad­dresses the whole person with a positive ending i.e. a normal life and a good future.

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