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WILMINGTON — Last week, Wilmington superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand announced that teacher Brian Caira had been ap­pointed as interim assistant principal at Wilming­ton Middle School. Caira, a longtime sixth grade teacher at WMS, will join interim principal Jeanette Quirk and assistant principal Daniel Faircloth on the school’s leadership team.

Caira knows Wilmington Middle School well. He was born and raised in town, and was a member of the first 7th grade class at WMS. He graduated from Wilmington High School in 2006, and currently lives in town with his wife Amanda and their dog Eddie.

Picking a career in education felt obvious to him: “I knew at a young age that I wanted to become a teacher and eventually further my career in education,” he said. “My parents always instilled in my siblings and me the im­portance of a quality education, which is one reason all four of us have chosen career paths in the field. I’ve always tried to emulate my sisters and my brother, so following their footsteps along their career paths seemed natural to me.”

Caira studied English and Elementary Educa­tion at Merrimack Col­lege, and last year re­ceived a Master’s degree in Middle School Educa­tion from American Inter­national College. He has been teaching in Wilming­ton for 10 years. Beyond the classroom, Caira is an advisor to the WMS Stu­dent Council and Best Buddies group; he’s also served as an assistant coach to the WHS baseball team for the past six years.

Caira is ready for the responsibilities that come with his new position.

“As far as my role this year, I’ll be doing my best to collaborate with Dr. Quirk and Mr. Faircloth to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff,” he said. “Specifically, I’ll be closely working with our incoming 6th grade and 8th grade students.”

He acknowledged the difficulties students, families, and staff will face with learning during the coronavirus pandemic, and emphasized the need for collaboration between different groups.

“The current climate around public education is challenging for everybody involved. Dealing with the virus is going to present challenges and obstacles to teachers, administrators, parents, and especially the students,” he said. “This is a time where all stakeholders are going to need to do their best to be flexible and adaptable so we can make it through this trying time together as a community. I’m confident we will be able to do so.”

Despite the challenges Wilmington Middle School will face this year, Caira is still looking forward to his new job.

“I’m excited about working in this role for several reasons, but what most ex­cites me is my ability to get to know all of our students,” he said. “Working directly with the kids has always been my favorite part of this job. As a teacher, I was only able to really get to know anywhere from 80 to 100 students in a given year. With this job, I’ll be in a position where I’ll be able to foster relationships with our entire student body, and that is something I’m very much looking forward to.”

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